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What Does a Web Developer Do?

Web developers create and maintain websites. Though this is a broad definition, many web developer jobs are specific to every client, such as creating project-related websites, implementing e-commerce programming on an existing site, mobile-friendly designs, or the software to support modern web applications.

The part of a website that most people see is referred to as the “front end”, as opposed to the back end that a web developer only sees. To produce a site that web frontend clients can appreciate, there must first be a skilled individual (or team!) in the web developer position.

The Importance of Web Development

From the rise of web-based networking communication and SOAP-based web services, to efforts to standardize consumer exceptions and create clean web service apis with a unified web experience initiative, your average web developer has been primarily responsible for many aspects beyond providing web design support.

In this day and age, online web content has become a business’ calling card. Now, there are destination marketing organizations with the team to provide full stack web solutions to an organization of any size.

Increased Competition and Opportunity

Computer science has come a long way, leading customers to expect a general web development experience of a higher caliber than ever before. While this increases competition, it also increases opportunity for a business that might have otherwise been left out of the game with traditional marketing methods.

Website development is a way to make people aware of your services or products, understand why your products are helpful or necessary, and see what about your company sets it apart from your competitors.

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