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Why Is Google My Business So Important?

Why Is Google My Business So Important?


If you haven’t heard of SEO by now, it is the primary way for your business’ webpage to communicate with search engines. Search Engine Optimization is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. Just like optimizing your webpage is important, having properly curated SEO for your Google My Business page is also vital. let’s discuss ‘Why Is Google My Business So Important’.

Why is Google My Business Important

Smart Content

One way to add content and increase SEO for you Google My Business page is with regular Google My Business (GMB) postings. GMB postings can be used to describe your business and services to potential customers. GMB posts direct them to your website, let the community know about ongoing deals or specials, allow users to book an appointment, and more. These postings take a prominent seat at the right hand of search results. They are likely to be your first contact with potential clients searching on Google.

Location, location, location

The latest figures from Google show a staggering 46% of searches have a local element. Regardless of what search engine you or your customers use (though it’s probably Google) results are generated based on your location. You want your business to be found by those searching for your product or service in your area. The implementation of a Google My Business page does just that. By creating a Google My Business profile, you will increase your visibility to customers online. You will give them the need-to-know information to take the next step, like your contact information or hours of operation. Google also displays a map on the sidebar of the results page with a pin to each relevant business in the area. By verifying your Google My Business page, you make sure your business on the map!

Google My Business Reputation and Reviews


There are many metrics to measure how your webpage is doing. But these don’t necessarily show how your business is benefitting or how many of those page visitors are actual customers. One way to get feedback directly from your customer is with Google Reviews. Google Reviews help to develop trust between your business and future customers. They are also a personalized metric to see how your business is interacting with customers. 

How users rate their experience, and how you can improve.

These are important facts to know. Once a customer has left a review, that review can be seen on your Google My Business profile. You will receive a star rating next to your business in search results. A five-star rating and multiple reviews from real customers goes a long way in building your rapport online. This will increase engagement from the community, boosting your search engine ranking, and ultimately converting more potential clients into paying customers. 

Increased Traffic & Sales

It can be difficult to avoid the rise and fall of online traffic to your site throughout the year. Having an accurate and optimized Google My Business profile is one step to increase traffic year-round. Building a profile on Google with proper SEO will increase both the quantity and quality of traffic driven to your site. The more accurately Google is able to target your ideal customer, the more likely you are to make a sale. This is based on your web traffic. Google has reported that customers are as much as 70% more likely to find a webpage based on a Google My Business’ location. Customers who find a brand through their Google My Business page are up to 50% more likely to make a purchase.

Getting Started

Since its inception, Google My Business has added a variety of applications. From posts, to review responses, online booking, 3D tours, photos and video, Q&A sections, and more. Take advantage of this highly visible platform. Get your business featured in the “highlight reel” of search engine results. Take a look at the Google My Business Checklist and Roadmap included in this post. Still, have questions or want a personalized team of SEO experts behind your GMB page? Contact CS Design Studios to grow your online presence, perfect your SEO, and start turning potential clients into paying customers. 

Pima Air & Space Takes Their Digital Marketing To New Heights With Drone Footage

CS Design Studios Captures Drone Footage at Pima Air & Space

The Pima Air & Space Museum is one of the largest non-government funded aviation and space museums in the world. The museum features over 300 historical aircraft, sitting on over 80 acres. The museum opened its doors to the public in May of 1976 and over the past forty years, has grown immensely to encompass five indoor exhibit hangars (two dedicated to WWII).

CS Design Studios was able to go onsite and capture drone footage of some of the many aircraft present on site. Some of the planes present include a DOUGLAS VC-118A LIFTMASTER aircraft, as well as a Boeing 747. We’ll go ahead and highlight some facts about these two specific aircraft.    

A few interesting facts about the Boeing 747:

This particular one was built by Boeing Aircraft Company at Everett, Washington and delivered to Pan American World Airways on March 21, 1970.  It is the twenty-fifth 747 built.  Following Pan Am’s practice of naming its aircraft, this airplane flew with the name “Clipper Star of the Union” until 1982 when it was renamed “Clipper Ocean Spray.”   In March 1992 it was purchased by General Electric for use as an engine test bed.  Since then the plane has flown more than 3,000 hours carrying various test engines for GE as they develop the engines that power many of the planes that are replacing the 747 in airline service.  General Electric donated the aircraft to the Pima Air & Space Museum in November 2018.

And now on to the DOUGLAS VC-118A LIFTMASTER:

The name of the aircraft may not ring a bell at first.  However this aircraft served as the official Air Force One for Presidents Kennedy and Johnson.It was the last propeller driven aircraft to be designated as the primary Presidential transport.  Both Presidents preferred to travel in the larger, faster jet aircraft and the VC-118 was used primarily for short trips to airports that were too small for the big Boeings.  Once the VC-137 became the primary Presidential aircraft the VC-118 was used as a back up plane and to transport lower ranking VIPs.

For this shoot we decided to capture some of the footage early in the morning as the sun was rising to get some of the more cinematic affects.  During this time of day shadows are highly visible which helps to define the terrain features which can be harder to see during mid afternoon. The weather was nice and visibility was very clear that day.  We made sure to shoot with a high frame rate that would make sure that the end product was a smooth video with no stuttering. We used a combination of orbit, fly through, and 360 pan shots to create the video seen above.  A few slow motion shots were added to get a clear image of the aircraft. Everything went smoothly and we were honored that Pima Air and Space chose us to capture these iconic shots. 

How Page Speed Affects SEO

How Page Speed Affects SEO

Society has become increasingly focused on speed. From 2-day shipping to high speed internet – businesses are expected to rise to the occasion by providing high-quality and speedy service to customers. How page speed affects SEO matters.

The speed of your website is no exception.

Page speed even affects your search engine optimization. This includes the ability for your customers to find you on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

In this article on how page speed affects SEO, we’ll answer four important questions:

  1. What is page speed?

  2. How does page speed affect search engines like Google?

  3. How does page speed affect my visitors?

  4. What can I do if my page speed is too slow?

What is page speed?

Have you ever clicked on a link or tried to visit a website just to see the loading icon constantly going around? This can make you think your internet must be down or the website is broken.

Did you know most users only have about 3 seconds of patience? 40% of visitors will abandon sites that haven’t loaded in 3 seconds. Three seconds doesn’t seem like very long, but when you’re staring at that loading icon it can feel like an eternity.

Page speed is the time it takes for the content on your web page to load. 

The clock starts when a visitor types in your web address or clicks a link to visit your site. At that moment their web browser sends a signal to the server which responds by sending the information.

Once that “Search” button is clicked, the server must send over all the files that make up your webpage. Then it has to load them to the computer, tablet, or phone that is looking for the website.

The more words, pictures, videos, forms and other elements that are on your website the more information that must be loaded. 

When your website takes too long to load this negatively impacts your visitors, whether it’s a search engine like Google or a customer.

How Page Speed Affects SEO - Google Rev Counter

How does page speed affect search engines like Google?

Search engines like Google, Yelp, and Bing are trying to connect users with the information they need across the internet. They are essentially comparing all the websites to see who is providing the best information and the best experience to make a visitor happy. 

One of the “ranking factors” that creates a good user experience is speed.

When Google scans or “crawls” the internet looking for websites that meet their search queries, it prefers to crawl websites that load quickly.

Based on this information we have two takeaways:

How does page speed affect my visitors?

Before we get into the specifics, just imagine yourself going to a new website.

What do you do when it takes a long time for a page to load? Do you stick around and wait? Do you pick another site from the infinite list that Google so conveniently provides?

Web designers and Google have looked closely to determine any correlations between page speed and what visitors do on your site. Both determined some important information about how page speed affects your clients:

How Page Speed Affects SEO - Spinning disk

What can I do if my page speed is too slow?

Do you find yourself staring at your own “loading” icon for too long? Thankfully there are a few actions your web designer can take to speed up your site.

These steps take a certain level of proficiency and do require experts, but they are sure to speed up your site.

Do you need a team of dedicated professionals to help improve your website? We optimize for search engines, increase your conversions, and achieve your goals this year?

At CS Design Studios, we have an experienced team. This comprises some of the best in the field. Digital analysts, marketing strategists, web designers, graphic artists, content creators, and marketing engineers. They work on the bleeding edge of digital marketing trends to deliver tangible results for our clients. Don’t get left behind in this digital decade, team up with the digital marketing company that never fails to impress.

People Also Asked

What is a good page load speed?

A good page load speed is 2 seconds or less. However, most websites online fail to address this.

How can I find out my page load speed?

There are a variety of tools available online that will measure your page load speed. Remember, these are only tools, but they can provide some insights about where improvements can be made to help decrease your page load speed.

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CS Design Studios Goes International With New Client

Founded in 1988, BF&S has decades of experience manufacturing in Mexico, with over 500 employees in the state of Sonora. Incorporated in the state of Arizona, the BF&S team was born and raised in the United States and runs their organization with U.S management standards and practices.

BF&S products and services are used in the aerospace, medical, industrial, and commercial industries, offering full quality and control of production to their clients. As their tagline says, “Your company does what it does best, we take care of the rest!”

CS Design Studios is prepared with the expertise and manpower to take on this large international client with a digital marketing strategy fit for the prestigious manufacturer. Whether close to home or across the world, CS Design Studios remains on the cutting edge of web development to enable your business to reach its fullest potential. Learn more about the services we offer by continuing to explore our website at CS Design Studios.