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CS Design Studios Creates Weekly Video Channel

Video Content delivered weekly on our channel!

CS Design Studios has weekly video content coming your way!

Video is the present and future of content marketing. Online video now accounts for 69% of all internet consumer traffic, and that figure is growing (Trimble, Chris. “Why online video is the future of content marketing”). Here at CS Design Studios, we are committed to staying up to date on the latest marketing trends and producing video content is no different.

The internet has been going the way of video for quite some time. Users would be hard-pressed to open their Facebook feed and not see a video being instantaneously autoplayed among their friend’s posts. Producing online video has quickly become the #1 way to grab viewers attention, and communicate information in the most engaging way possible. It has even been hypothesized by Advertizing Executive Nicola Mendelsohn that in the next five years, social media platforms could become entirely video based.

CS Designs has offered video production services to our clients for a long time, but never before have we produced our own weekly broadcast. This endeavor gives us a chance to communicate in a new way, and give an inside look at what we do. Our videos are currently written, filmed, edited, and marketed in-house by our team members.

CS Design Studios aims to provide edu-tainment. That is content that is both entertaining and educational for the viewer. The goal is to contribute not only an engaging video, but to give the viewer something to come away with. Whether that be a marketing tip, new information in the digital sphere, or the latest social media trends, CS Design Studios is here to share our expertise and engage with our viewers.

In our latest video, we gave an overview of a few of the services that CS Design Studios provides to its clients in “What Can CS Design Studios Do For You?” This included an overview of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Responsive Web Design, Reputation Management, Social Media Strategy, going mobile, and the importance of conversion. Next week it’s “What’s with Drones?” Why small unmanned aircraft are the hottest new piece of tech, and how aerial footage can be used to its fullest potential. Check out these and more at and be on the lookout for our weekly broadcast!

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