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CS Design Studios sets its sights on yet another Google Grant for the World’s Leading Authority in ALS Research

The Lab of Jacob Schwartz

The Lab of Jacob Schwartz

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The Lab of Jacob Schwartz in the school of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Arizona studies biomolecules down to their essential biological function. By studying these molecules, the Lab of Jacob Schwartz is able to make breakthroughs to advance the understanding of disease and contribute to the development of improved therapeutic strategies.

Without a basic understanding of biology, the possibilities for innovations that can change lives become limited. The Schwartz Lab strives, in each of their projects, to open new spaces in basic biologic research that address fundamental questions about mechanisms in biology. One of the lab’s major focuses is ALS research.

To say Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) is a devastating neurodegenerative disease hardly covers it. More than 5000 patients are diagnosed with ALS in America each year, and the average patient lives for just three years following their diagnosis. ALS causes death of motor neurons, eventually leading to continued paralysis and loss of muscle control, known as muscle atrophy. It is relentless, and there is currently no cure, neither is there is therapy that can slow the progression of this disease. There’s even little in place for definitive diagnosis. Diagnosis can take more than six months, largely due to poor understanding of what mechanisms underlie the disease. This lost time is both expensive and prevents early, life-extending care that could offer patients a higher quality of life and extend life up to two years beyond the standard prognosis. These issues, and many more, are what the Lab of Jacob Schwartz aims to understand and revolutionize.

CS Design Studios is here to operate and maintain the website, security, Google analytics, content, and social media for the Lab of Jacob Schwartz in order to help extend the lab’s reach and raise awareness for the incredible work they are doing. CS Design Studios is also in talks of bringing webcast technologies to the lab in order to enable their researches to talk to other biomedical authorities around the world and create an environment in which these scientists can collaborate with ease. Because of the leaps and bounds the Lab of Jacob Schwartz has made for the betterment of humanity, CS Design Studios also has the opportunity to receive a Google Grant that could mean major developments for the lab and their work.

Through their meticulous research, the Lab of Jacob Schwartz is creating new hope for those suffering from crippling biological diseases. Here at CS Design Studios, we are proud to provide our services and create new pathways for the advancement of the Schwartz Lab.