CS Design Studios gains exposure for Rose Academies

Reaching More Students

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What CS Provided

The original Rose Academy was founded in 1999 and has grown to include five charter schools located across Tucson. The Rose Academies offer a flexible, student-focused curriculum experience, fulfilling the promise of education one student at a time.

CS Design Studios has been working closely with Rose Academies to expand their reach and enhance their exposure across Southern Arizona. Along with website management, their CS developed digital marketing strategy includes enhanced Amazon web hosting services, billboard marketing campaign development, and reputation management. CS Design Studios has also produced graduation videos for Rose Academy for years, and last year, began live streaming their graduation ceremony. These live streaming capabilities enable friends and family of students to enjoy and share in the graduation experience remotely.

Recently, CS Design Studios has been ramping up on reputation management by collecting Google Reviews from each of Rose Academy’s five locations. We designed a survey to engage students and direct them to a Google Review page, to encourage them to leave a few words or rating about their school. By taking these purposeful actions, we were able to collect dozens of reviews for Rose Academy in one day, and plan to collect hundreds by the end of the school year. These reviews give Rose Academy a greater online presence and paint a personalized picture of what their schools have to offer.

In talking with students and presenting them with this survey, the CS Design Studios team had a chance to learn what makes Rose Academy special. We met students who are working to support their families, and appreciate the flexibility in class time that enables them to both work, and graduate. We met students who only needed a class or two to obtain their diploma, and appreciate being able to focus on just those few classes. And, we met students who felt bored, and unengaged by the pace of their previous school and appreciate the opportunity to work ahead, graduate early, and start their college education sooner.

CS Design Studios is here to help showcase all that Rose Academy has to offer. By gaining visibility and engagement online, Rose Academies is able to reach more students and provide greater educational options to Southern Arizona.