What is Indexation In The SEO Industry?

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Indexation in the SEO industry is the process of indexing a website. Indexation occurs when Google identifies a website page or post and sends it to their indexer for further categorization.

While indexation originates from a financial term that is used to describe a technique to adjust income payments by means of a price index, the search engine optimization community has appropriated it for other means. The term is mostly used as a verb to describe the process a search engine takes to move a website page or document into it’s repository and categorize it through an algorithmic approach.

How do I get my website indexed?

You can get your website indexed by submitting it to Google Search Console. When a website is submitted to Google’s indexing platform it is added to a queue that takes your request to index a new website, document or page and adds it to its repository.

The time in which Google or any other search engine does this varies by the congestion of their queue and their determined relevance of your website or property. In some cases this process is instant, in others it can take days, weeks or months.

Tip: If your website page or document is not indexing, you can try to speed this process up by adding the associated URL to websites that Google indexes frequently in hopes that it crawls your URL from the website it is on and then indexes it. Some of those websites include Google My Business, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit and similar platforms.

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