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CS Design Studios rolls out new site launch for Ivan’s Painting

CS Design Studios brings conversions to Ivan’s Painting!

Ivan’s Painting is a locally owned and operated Tucson business offering both interior and exterior painting services, as well as roof coatings, wallpaper and popcorn removal, and stucco and drywall repair.

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Behind The Scenes with CS Design Studios

CS Design Studios Films for Star Wars Event Video at Abbott Media

CS Design Studios is continuing production of the client appreciation video for our upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi event; this time with the help of Abbot Media.

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Meet CS Design Studios’ Angie Jacobs

Meet our Director of Online Marketing!

Angie Jacobs is CS Design Studios’ Director of Online Marketing. Before joining the CS team, Angie obtained an Associates Degree in Computer Engineering with minors in Math, Computer Science, and Electrical Engineering. She worked her way up from part-time secretary to manager at an air conditioning company for nearly five years before starting her own business as The Computer Tutor.

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CS Design Studios works with Producer of the “Deadliest Catch” and Montrose Edmonds Studio Director at Galatea Digital

Matt Fahey, Producer of the “Deadliest Catch,” films at CS Design Studios

This Monday, CS Design Studios began the execution of this year’s Client Appreciation Star Wars film. We are stepping up our game and bringing a new level of expertise to the year’s production with the help of Matt Fahey and Montrose Edmonds.

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CS Design Studios meets with Tucson Legends

CS Design Studio Leaders meet with Frank Busch and Jim Click!

Last Wednesday, CS Design Studios’ founder Wyatt Chambers and Director of Business Development Tyson Torres made a trip to the offices of Jim Click to oversee the video production of an interview with Olympic swimming coach Frank Busch.

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Meet CS Design Studios’ Connor Bright

Meet our new Data Analyst!

Connor Bright is a Data Analyst and the newest addition to the CS Design Studios Digital Marketing Team. Before joining CS, Connor worked in accounting and part-marking, using lasers to etch logos and serial numbers into manufactured parts. He then worked for a real estate firm which dealt with US Bankruptcy Trustees for three years, negotiating bankruptcy short sales before finding his way to CS Design Studios.

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CS Design Studios Gains a New Show-Stopping Client!

CS Design Studios Welcomes RoadHouse Cinemas

RoadHouse Cinemas is Tucson and Scottsdale’s only locally-owned and operated, first-run movie theatre. Both RoadHouse Cinemas locations offer a dine-in movie experience unlike any other, 365 days a year! RoadHouse provides an extraordinary restaurant menu created by an award-winning chef and restaurateur, an impressively creative full bar featuring quality wines and Arizona craft beers, and overwhelmingly comfortable recliners; all to be enjoyed while experiencing state-of-the-art digital projection and 7.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound.

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Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

CS Design Studios is AMPing up to make the mobile experience better!

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Program is designed to clean up the issues with browsing the web on your mobile device. 40% of users will drop off, or click out of a web page if it does not load within three seconds. This is a lose-lose situation for both users and web publishers which AMP aims to improve. Users expect speed, and Google has set out to accomplish speed across mobile devices once and for all.

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Meet CS Design Studios’ Jason Dumont

Meet our Director of Operations!

Jason Dumont is the Director of Operations here at CS Design Studios. Before finding his way to CS, Jason worked in a variety of call centers and for a jewelry finding distribution company where he managed their website, product listings, and search engine optimization.

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CS Design Studios collaborates with Jensen Precast

The Jensen Precast Perfect Pipe project was documented by CS Design Studios!

Founded by Don Jensen in 1968, Jensen Precast has grown to be one of the largest independently owned precast concrete manufacturing companies in the United States. The family owned and operated company now has production facilities throughout Nevada, Arizona, California, and Hawaii. Jensen Precast designs and manufactures standard and custom precast concrete products to meet small- to large-scale infrastructure demands. Jensen Precast products are used in: electric, gas and water utilities; telecommunications; highway construction; retaining walls; stormwater detention and infiltration; rainwater harvesting; onsite wastewater; sewage applications; agriculture; landscaping; and more.

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Meet CS Design Studios’ Dillon Faulkner

Meet Our Director of Special Operations!

Dillon Faulkner is the Director of Special Operations here at CS Design Studios. In his early twenties, Dillon already has professional experience far beyond his years and is instrumental in everything we do here at CS Design Studios.

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CS Design Studios partners with TRICO Electric Cooperative Inc.

CS Design Studios creates website for the Southwest’s power provider

Trico Electric Cooperative Inc. is a non-profit, electric cooperative serving Northwest Tucson, Marana, Corona de Tucson, Sahuarita, Green Valley, Three Points, Arivaca, Sasabe, Mt. Lemmon and Saddlebrooke. Trico was formed in 1945 by farmers in Avra Valley seeking to bring electric power to their rural area. The TRICO mission is to provide safe, reliable electricity that optimizes benefits to members and their communities.

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CS Design Studios is at home in Trail Dust Town

Trail Dust Town

CS Design Studios takes the Wild West to new heights!

Trail Dust Town is a local treasure in Tucson. Home of Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse, the Savoy Opera House, and nightly wild west stunt shows, Trail Dust Town is a local favorite that attracts visitors from all over the world. The town was built in 1961 using the abandoned set pieces of an unfinished Glenn Ford Western movie, which were left outside of Tucson city limits in the 1950s. Trail Dust Town has grown to encompass a variety of shops, all owned and operated by local Tucsonans.

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CS Design Studios donates $10,000 worth of services to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tucson!

CS Design Studios gears up to launch New Website for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tucson

The vision of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tucson is that all children would achieve success in life. To that end, their mission is to provide children facing adversity with strong, enduring, professionally supported, one-to-one relationships that change their lives for the better. Big Brothers Big Sisters partners with parents, guardians, volunteers, and others in the community to hold themselves accountable for each child in their program. This enables Big Brothers Big Sisters to help children achieve higher aspirations, feel a greater sense confidence, relish in educational success, and develop an avoidance to risky behaviors.

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CS Design Studios divulges what it means to be a Google Partner

What are the benefits of working with a certified Google Partner?

Google Partners is Google’s program for advertising agencies, digital marketing professionals, and other online consultants. By becoming a Google Partner, an agency can access Google AdWords product updates, special events and training, industry research, and free certification exams and study materials.

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Meet CS Design Studios’ Tyson Torres

Meet our Director of Business Development!

Tyson Torres is the Director of Business Development here at CS Design Studios. His previous experience is both entertaining and varied. From working as a shoe shine boy, to a rental car private investigator, and being the voice for Century Theatres show times, Tyson’s path to CS Design Studios was anything but boring.

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CS Design Studios Teams up with Arizona’s Rose Academies

CS Design Studios gains exposure for Rose Academies

The original Rose Academy was founded in 1999 and has grown to include five charter schools located across Tucson. The Rose Academies offer a flexible, student-focused curriculum experience, fulfilling the promise of education one student at a time.

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Meet CS Design Studios' Michael Bright

Meet Our Project Manager!

Michael Bright is the Project Manager here at CS Design Studios. He attended Pima Community College and attained an Associates Degree in Computer Programming and Systems Analysis after a long affinity with computers.

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CS Design Studios collaborates with World Leader in ALS Research

CS Design Studios sets its sights on yet another Google Grant for the World’s Leading Authority in ALS Research

The Lab of Jacob Schwartz in the school of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Arizona studies biomolecules down to their essential biological function. By studying these molecules, the Lab of Jacob Schwartz is able to make breakthroughs to advance the understanding of disease and contribute to the development of improved therapeutic strategies.

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Noel James Maguire

In Loving Memory of Noel Maguire

In our line of work, we meet many people. Few and far between are those cherished few who make us stop and really take notice, and Noel Maguire was one of them. Of all our clients, Noel was among our favorites. In fact, Noel became more than a client: he became a friend.

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CS Design Studios' Client Appreciation is Out of this World

CS Design Studios Gears Up for Annual Client Appreciation Event

In December of 2016, in a galaxy not so far away, CS Design Studios hosted an annual Client Appreciation Event and is gearing up to do it all over again.

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CS Design Studios Advances Pima Air & Space

CS Design Studios Brings Major Developments to the Pima Air & Space Museum Site

The Pima Air & Space Museum is one of the largest non-government funded aviation and space museums in the world. The museum features over 300 historical aircraft, sitting on over 80 acres. The museum opened its doors to the public in May of 1976 and over the past forty years, has grown immensely to encompass five indoor exhibit hangars (two dedicated to WWII).

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Meet the Man behind CS Design Studios

Wyatt Chambers and the birth of CS Design Studios

Wyatt Chambers is the owner and founder of CS Design Studios. Wyatt is a Tucson native who had always considered himself artistically inclined but spent some time in other endeavors, including tax preparation, before his love of art and technology came together.

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CS Design Studios wins $120,000 Google Grant

CS Design Studios wins Google Grant for work with ASAVET

Google Grants are designed to help non-profit charities and organizations thrive. Google Ad Grants are used to increase visibility, and showcase charities in Google’s search results. The results then help to generate more traffic, donations, and volunteers for the organization.

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Howard Terpning's Art Gets A New Platform

CS Design Studios creates stunning website for Howard Terpning

Howard Terpning is an American painter and illustrator with a history of success. Though he is best known for his paintings of Native Americans, his career began long before. At the age of seven, Terpning had decided that he wanted to be an artist. At the age of fifteen, he developed an affinity for the American West. By the age of seventeen, he had enlisted in the Marines and later used his GI Bill to enroll in a two-year commercial art program at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts. Terpning went on to illustrate for publications such as Reader’s Digest, Time, and Newsweek, and completed over 80 movie posters, including those for Cleopatra, The Sound of Music, and Gone with the Wind.

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Making AEPCO a safer place

CS Design Studios creates safety enhancing app for AEPCO

The Arizona Electric Power Cooperative (AEPCO) owns and operates Apache Generating Station. The Apache Station has 605 megawatts of combined gross generating capacity, four gas turbines, two steam units which can burn coal or natural gas, and one natural gas-fired boiler. By implementing new efficiencies and reducing fuel costs, AEPCO is poised to become even more competitive. With a strong commitment to safety, approximately 100 employees work three shifts around the clock at the Apache Station to deliver consistent, reliable power to consumers.

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CS Brings Life to SAVVi

CS Design Studios brings interactive effects and animation to a whole new level on

SAVVi is one of the fastest growing novelty toy companies in the world which produces unique craft, novelty and toy products, all proudly made in the USA using FD&C approved ingredients. With every opportunity, SAVVi manufactures products that are innovative, creative and unrivaled in the market.

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Introducing: Tamasin Baker

CS Design Studios is happy to announce the newest addition to our team: Tamasin Baker

Tamasin is a Tucson native, who grew up in East Tucson and attended Sabino High School like her parents before her. In high school, she was an avid member of the Student Council, and had the chance to travel to seven countries in Europe with the Arizona State Choir. After graduation, she was accepted to Colorado State University where she attained a Bachelor’s of Arts in Communication Studies with a focus in Media.

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CS Wins PSE Website Strategy and Potential App Development

CS Design Studios rolls out a web page reboot, product launch, and possible app with worldwide PSE Archery

Precision Shooting Equipment (PSE) is the largest manufacturer of compound bows, target bows, crossbows, and traditional recurve bows in the world, based right here in Tucson. They offer top notch products, including the fastest compound hunting bow on the market and the most affordable high-performance bow in the world.

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