Case Study

CS Design Studios brings interactive effects and animation to a whole new level on


What CS Provided

SAVVi is one of the fastest growing novelty toy companies in the world which produces unique craft, novelty and toy products, all proudly made in the USA using FD&C approved ingredients. With every opportunity, SAVVi manufactures products that are innovative, creative and unrivaled in the market.

Founded in 1989, SAVVi has grown to produce products related to children’s favorite characters and storylines. Products include temporary tattoos (and an app that brings those tattoos to life!), coloring posters, and countless other children’s activity templates. SAVVi is in partnership with world renowned companies such as Disney, which includes audience favorites like Star Wars and Marvel. This partnership means an exciting upcoming connection with Thor; Ragnarok and the Avengers; Infinity War.

CS Design Studios has built SAVVi’s site,, with a dedication to interaction in mind. The web page includes an easy to navigate interface with vibrant, interactive graphics all along the way. On SAVVi’s homepage, audiences can see a larger than life, 3D spacecraft, which can be clicked and dragged to view from any angle, and zoomed upon to view in more detail. Many of the graphics featured on the website include animated effects that play once the user’s cursor comes into contact. Audiences can see snowfall over Disney’s Elsa and a cauldron bubble next to a pint-sized witch. With each move of the mouse, CS Design Studios has brought the SAVVi site to life.

Interactive websites give users a chance to participate. A chance to participate means a chance for users to linger, explore the website, and come back for more. Because so many popular websites have made it easy for visitors to play a part, users have come to expect that websites allow them to take an active role. SAVVi is specially designed for children, who can interact with the platform with ease and awe, and for parents to be able to trust their children will have a safe and positive experience.

SAVVi continues to expand to include more lovable storylines for their users to be a part of, and CS Design Studios is there every step of the way to bring even more life and engagement to their website.