Pima Air & Space Museum

The Pima Air & Space Museum received an online store and ticketing options for the first time ever!

CS Design Studios redesigned and made significant advancements to the Pima Air & Space Museum website including online ticketing in partnership with Showclix. The online ticketing provided users the ability to present tickets on their smartphones. Another extensive addition to the site was the virtual tour option. CS Design Studios took over 2,000 HDR photos and chose the best 100 panoramas for the five virtual tours available on the site. These fully immersive panoramic tours of the museum showcase the hangers, grounds, and exhibits and can be viewed from anywhere across a variety of platforms including iPhone and Android smartphones. Along with virtual tours, CS Design Studios created GPS voice-guided tours for the museum’s TRAM system. The voice-guided GPS allows guests to navigate their way through the museum, guide-free, and still receive information about the exhibit in which they are located. CS Design Studios provided the Pima Air & Space Museum with video production for multiple events, including the landing of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the time lapse building of HANGER 5 during the Tucson Monsoons. Security was of the utmost concern, and under CS Design Studios watch, the site was never compromised. In addition, CS Design Studios created two databases including the Arizona Aviation Hall of Fame database and the database for Pima Air & Space’s 300 Aircraft. Lastly, CS built the museum their online e-commerce store and brought in a vendor to handle merchandising. In total, CS Design Studios donated over $10,000 of free web development services and consulting, comprehensively improving the overall reach and success of the Pima Air & Space Museum.

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