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Meet our Director of Business Development!

Tyson Torres is the Director of Business Development here at CS Design Studios. His previous experience is both entertaining and varied. From working as a shoe shine boy, to a rental car private investigator, and being the voice for Century Theatres show times, Tyson’s path to CS Design Studios was anything but boring.As a kid, Tyson wanted the ColecoVision or an Atari 2600, but instead was given a TRS-80 Color Computer. He learned the basics of computer operation, but admits that his passion did not lie in technology. More and more, he realized that his joy came from working with people. Tyson was a hotel manager, and later CEO of his own company TyStar Enterprises, which was one of the top online purveyors of toys, comics, and collectibles during the 2000’s before coming to CS Designs. Tyson had known CS Design Studios founder, Wyatt Chambers, for over 20 years, but it was not until a lunch conversation in April of 2016 that his opportunity to work for CS Design Studios was realized.

As the Director of Business Development, Tyson handles the majority of incoming office calls, writes the proposals for new clients, strategizes future projects, and ultimately works to ensure every CS Design Studios client is happy. When asked about his favorite CS project, Tyson has a difficult time narrowing it down, but decides to expand upon his work with the Lab of Jacob Schwartz. The Lab is the world leader in ALS research, and Tyson describes working closely with Professor Schwartz as eye-opening. The goal with the Schwartz Lab website was to “have it become a global meeting place for clinicians, scientists, and patients to learn about new ideas and collaborate in finding a cure, and we’re well on our way to accomplishing that,” recalls Tyson. The Lab of Jacob Schwartz was also the first new client Tyson brought to CS Design Studios, and the success of the site gives Tyson a sense of leaving the world a better place than he found it.

When asked his favorite part of what he does, Tyson instantly refers to his love of helping others. With the constant calls coming into the office, Tyson gives out a lot of free advice. When he gets a client call (current or potential) inquiring about CS building a website or digital marketing strategy, he takes the time not only answer their questions, but to explain the current state of play online, which is information they can take with them regardless. “It takes a team effort to deliver world-class value, and it’s nice to know in my heart of hearts that CS Design Studios’s team is the finest with whom I’ve ever worked.” –Tyson Torres

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