CS Design Studios Commemorates Noel James Macguire

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In Loving Memory of Noel Maguire

In our line of work, we meet many people. Few and far between are those cherished few who make us stop and really take notice, and Noel Maguire was one of them. Of all our clients, Noel was among our favorites. In fact, Noel became more than a client: he became a friend.His enthusiasm for life and ebullient personality burned with a fire that thawed the hearts of those around him. His love for life and life’s love for him remain as a lasting monument among his friends and family alike. In our mind’s eye, we can still see the light in his eyes as he excitedly explained to us his plans for his business and his life here in America. His dreams unfurled as a tapestry before our eyes, and their reality seemed assured beyond all doubt through the shimmering sparkle in his eyes and the flash of his infectious smile.

Noel exhibited such appreciation for our work. He believed in our work–in us–in a way that made us believe in ourselves. We won’t forget that. His boyish charm matched with keen business sensibilities made his visits to our office worthy and welcome interjections into our day when the occasion was when we’d meet to talk about his project. He made us believe. We cannot easily recover from his loss from our lives. But we can honor his memory by living the way he lived: with creativity, with joy, and with a true zeal for life.

For our part, we look forward to seeing Noel again in a far better future, where guided missiles and misguided men are a thing of the past, and God will have wiped out every tear from our eyes, death will be no more, and all things are made new. (Revelation 21:3, 4) Let us look forward with confidence to the time when light will dispel all darkness, love will conquer all hate, and good will vanquish all evil. But until then, may we take a page out of Noel’s book: live life to the full, love one another, and make others believe.

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