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Howard Terpning's Art Gets a New Platform

Howard Terpning looks to CS Design Studios for a responsive web design

CS Design Studios creates stunning website for Howard Terpning

Howard Terpning is an American painter and illustrator with a history of success. Though he is best known for his paintings of Native Americans, his career began long before. At the age of seven, Terpning had decided that he wanted to be an artist. At the age of fifteen, he developed an affinity for the American West. By the age of seventeen, he had enlisted in the Marines and later used his GI Bill to enroll in a two-year commercial art program at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts. Terpning went on to illustrate for publications such as Reader’s Digest, Time, and Newsweek, and completed over 80 movie posters, including those for Cleopatra, The Sound of Music, and Gone with the Wind.

Terpning has since relocated to Arizona to devote himself entirely to painting the American West, the genera in which his work has become iconic. CS Design Studios has been hard at work to create a website and social media strategy worthy of such an artist. His social media is maintained by showcasing various works of Terpning’s art and the stories behind them, while also featuring his love of Native American culture. Throughout the week, his Facebook page features a #FridayFavorites post to highlight a local museum collection or event, and a #WisdomWednesday post to impart a thought or piece of knowledge of upon followers.

Terpning’s website,, has a sleek, easy to navigate design with an apparent focus on Terpning’s work. The site allows users to be the first to view his freshest works, limited edition pieces, and explore a comprehensive collection of Terpning’s lifetime of artwork. It also gives customers a chance to purchase his work and see which pieces are in stock. Through the site’s “News” page, users can see artwork release dates, and currently have a chance to enter to win one of Howard’s paintings.

The art world has gone online, and CS Design Studios is happy to play a part of that. Where before, artists may have only had a chance to be showcased in galleries from city to city, going online allows the freedom to reach a much larger audience. Howard Terpning’s work is timeless, and by utilizing web design and social media, fans have the pleasure of accessing his art anytime, anywhere.

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