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Behind The Scenes with CS Design Studios

CS Design Studios Films for Star Wars Event Video at Abbott Media

CS Design Studios is continuing production of the client appreciation video for our upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi event; this time with the help of Abbott Media.

Abbott Media is a full-service video production and award-winning 3D animation studio in Southern Arizona. They serve local, national, and international clientele in both government and commercial sectors. With over ten years of experience, Abbott always brings a fresh, creative, and friendly approach to television advertising, sales, and marketing projects, and multimedia presentations; and our Star Wars production is no exception!

Abbott Media’s office includes a permanent green screen, which they were kind enough to set up with lighting in preparation for our video shoot. Though the entire plot shall remain a mystery until the screening at our event on December 19th, you can glean a few insider clues from our image of that day, including the return of Captain Wyatt. A big thank you to Abbott Media; the CS Faction eagerly awaits the rest of production!

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