Master Service Agreement

  1. Customer agrees to retain CSDS to provide the services described in agreement above. Customer acknowledges that CSDS provides similar services to other customers of CSDS besides Customer.

  2. Customer hereby agrees to pay CSDS for services delineated in agreement above to be provided hereunder as follows: Initial payment is due upon signing this MSA for the estimated cost of the project or service initially agreed upon between CSDS and Customer, as delineated in the Your Investment section. Project shall be considered complete (aka project “launch”) when the project is approved by the Customer, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld. If there is a credit card on file, it will be charged automatically as scheduled in the Your Investment section. If there is no credit card on file, invoices will be sent prior to the scheduled due dates. If paying by check, you will be invoiced in advance of the 1st of each month, which payment is “due on receipt” – or on the 1st of each month. Please be advised that payment must be made prior to the 5th of each month. If we have not received payment by the 15th of the month, you will be notified and expected to immediately provide payment. Should you fail to do so, CSDS reserves the right to terminate all services (including website availability) until payment is received. Payment receipts available upon Customer request. Your signature indicates that you understand you will be charged the amount(s) listed herein.

  3. Customer may request changes to the project scope by informing CSDS in writing of the desired changes. Within a reasonable amount of time, following receipt of any such written request, CSDS shall provide Customer with a written response to the request in the form of a Change Order. Customer must accept any change (which may result in increased costs and/or delays), in writing. CSDS shall not initiate any such change until it receives Customer’s written acceptance. Normal hourly rate is $150 per hour; coding and email support is $250 per hour.

  4. Customer and CSDS agree that upon payment of all amounts due to CSDS under this MSA that ownership of any project covered by this agreement shall belong to Customer. Customer agrees that all information regarding services, procedures, programs, source code, processes, equipment, Google campaigns, and vendors used by CSDS to create the project remain the property of CSDS and that this is valuable proprietary information. Customer agrees to abide by any licensing terms imposed by vendors from whom assets were acquired for use in the completion of any project or service covered by this MSA. CSDS and its vendors agree that during the term of this agreement, Customer may make available to CSDS information regarding services, procedures, prices, processes, and any relevant information needed to complete this project. CSDS and its vendors hereby agree to mutually respect Customer’s and CSDS proprietary information and shall not disclose, discuss, divulge, disseminate, make available or distribute such information to anyone that is not a party to this MSA.

  5. Customer agrees that CSDS cannot be held liable for any inconvenience or perceived loss of revenue due to any service interruption regardless of any reason, source, or cause of any service interruption. The customer has not been promised, and is not expecting a guarantee of uptime, or service delivery, including email delivery, without interruption unless otherwise specified within the scope of this agreement. Customer agrees that upon termination of our relationship, assets must be transferred in a mutually agreeable way following final payment and upon customer acceptance of those assets any changes, updates, or maintenance of the website or related marketing assets are the sole responsibility of the customer.

  6. Project completion time frame is contingent upon the client providing any and all needed and requested images/content/video or anything else deemed pertinent and necessary. If at any time before or after website launch Customer neglects delivering to CS Design Studios LLC any such items so requested, the agreement may be rendered null and void at the sole discretion of CS Design Studios LLC. Any monies collected to that point would be considered as payment for services rendered.

  7. Customer acknowledges that CSDS will make every effort to live up to the terms of this agreement, but that conditions of competition, algorithmic changes in search engines, and other factors may render certain of our offered and stipulated services listed in the “Your Investment” section obsolete. If this occurs, CSDS will exhaust all due diligence to deliver comparable services in a mutually agreeable manner. CSDS will inform the customer of any such material change in writing. Customer may opt out of MSA as a result of any such changes with 30 days written notice.