Case Study


What CS Provided

Founded by Don Jensen in 1968, Jensen Precast has grown to be one of the largest independently owned precast concrete manufacturing companies in the United States. The family owned and operated company now has production facilities throughout Nevada, Arizona, California, and Hawaii. Jensen Precast designs and manufactures standard and custom precast concrete products to meet small- to large-scale infrastructure demands. Jensen Precast products are used in: electric, gas and water utilities; telecommunications; highway construction; retaining walls; stormwater detention and infiltration; rainwater harvesting; onsite wastewater; sewage applications; agriculture; landscaping; and more.

Jensen Precast had the opportunity last January to install a trial run of a new product called perfect pipe. Perfect pipe is produced by Schlusselbaur technology in Austria and was implemented for the first time in the United States by Jensen Precast in Tucson, Arizona. Perfect pipe is a revolution in pipe construction for underground sewage systems. It combines the product benefits of a robust concrete pipe and durable synthetic liners, which is an ideal combination of a conduit and structure.

Perfect pipe increases flow value while maintaining resistance to harmful chemicals that could damage the water supply. The pipe also ushers in an improved joint connection system. The manufacture of a durable connection of liners made of high-quality synthetic material and pipes made of high-strength concrete fulfills the essential demands on pipes for effluent disposal. This new joint connection system allows for greater ease of installation. As one of the contractors on-site reported, once a rhythm was established, the install of perfect pipe went rapidly.

CS Design Studios was front and center to document this Tucson trial run of the perfect pipe pilot project. We offered prime video production services in order to capture the entire installation of perfect pipe in Pima County. Our videographer, Jason Sievert and our Drone Pilots helped to provide all the necessary equipment and crew for a professional promotional shoot. For the Jensen Precast project, this included a two-day shoot in the elements as contractors installed the revolutionary piping in Pima County. Sievert collected video testimonials from the contractors on site while CS captured drone footage during installation. These clips combined help to provide a picture of the Jensen Precast perfect pipe project and give future clients a look at the revolutionary technology that makes Jensen Precast a cut above the rest.

CS Design Studios appreciates great partnerships and the work we are able to provide to our clients as a result. The Jensen Precast perfect pipe project was an excellent opportunity to showcase how professional collaboration can work to the advantage of our clients!