Why Zero is Greater than One

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Why zero is greater than one

CS Design Studios’ Schieler Mew Describes the Importance of putting your Business in Position Zero

Schieler Mew is CS Design Studios’ Chief Digital Marketing Strategist with his finger firmly on the pulse of all things SEO. He specializes in advanced SEO theory and technical concepts to help online businesses thrive in evolving and volatile markets. Using his cultivated skills and years of experience, Schieler is dedicated to implementing SEO strategies at the peak of their relevance to secure the best results possible for CS Design Studios’ valued clients. Recently, Mew published an article about one of the latest developments in the world of Search Engine Optimization with a clear and detailed how-to on ranking your web page above number one, that is, in position zero.

When it comes to SEO, being at the very top of Google Search results is the goal. But more recently, the number one ranking site of any search query may not be the first page showing up at the top of results. That is because “rich snippets” are showing up at the top of the page instead, in what has become known as “position zero”. Rich snippets, or “rich cards” as they have been deemed by Google, are the name of the game in this new search results format. “Just like rich snippets, rich cards use structured markup to display content in an even more engaging and visual format, with a focus on providing better mobile user experience.” (source: Rich snippets typically provide the most efficient way for a user to go from their query to the desired information, but they don’t necessarily come from the top-ranked site in the number one spot. 

So, how do you make sure your web page is full of rich snippets to propel your site into position zero? Align your goals with Google’s. Google’s goal is to provide the best of its search results to users first. Though position zero may be a relatively new goal in the SEO sphere, quality content is still the key to coming out on top. “Profound, valuable, and evergreen content should be the staple of any website or property you are attempting to get into position zero.” (source:

Once your content is on point, your next step is to take a look at the competition and make sure that your best practices go above and beyond competing for websites in the SERP. Then use manually marked up an on-page schema that has been properly inserted onto your website. In Mew’s article, he gives an in-depth description of how this can be accomplished using a variety of tools and applying them to a few different web platforms. Read his full analysis here:

At CS Design Studios, our team is constantly hard at work making sure that our client’s come out on top. Schieler Mew’s recent work on attaining position zero is just one example! Learn why conversion is king and start turning potential clients into paying customers with Tucson’s best web design team. Visit to get started.

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