Meet CS Design Studios’ Weston Baker

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Meet CS Design Studios' Weston Baker

Weston is CS Design Studios’ Content Writer. Everything from blog posts to web page descriptions, social media posts to content SEO optimization. If it can be written, Weston is here to make it happen!  Before joining the CS team, Weston obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in English from the University of Arizona. He went on to teach high school English both in Arizona and abroad in Guatemala for several years before deciding to pursue his Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Clinical Psychology.


Day to day, Weston utilizes search engine optimization tools to create webpage content that accurately represents the style and tone of our many and diverse clients here at CS Design Studios. This keeps online content fresh so that potential customers are always directed to the right webpage. Weston’s work also helps to ensure our clientele consistently achieve top search page results.


Along with providing professionally executed content, Weston enjoys infusing his ingenuity into each piece of work, making it unique and entertaining. “With my background in writing, I am excited to be part of the CS team! I have always been interested in the creative side of marketing, and I enjoy the challenge of adding a touch of pizazz and wit to any piece.” —Weston Baker.


We are excited for the experience, skill, and creativity that Weston brings to the CS Design Studios team! Keep a lookout on our client’s web pages to see what he’ll cook up next.

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