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Drone Media Services

Tucson Drone Media Services

Drone Photography & More!

Drone footage provides a viewer experience that other cameras can not. As video content reaches a new high, drone footage can help you get there. Whether it’s an aerial footage of your business, or showcasing an event, drone flight allows a unique perspective. As the world of video content becomes more saturated, drone footage can help you gain the edge, and viewership over the competition.

At CS Design Studios we utilize the latest in DJI Drone technology to help your next product take flight. Our Phantom 4 has a magnesium skeleton, which helps to keep it light, durable and minimize vibration. This, coupled with speed, and a 28 minute flight capability makes the Phantom 4 a versatile piece of aerial technology. Our Mavic drone can fly up to 40 miles per hour, coupled with our skilled drone pilots, allows for smooth navigation.

Our pilots are Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) licensed to ensure that drone flight capability is used to its fullest potential. This is the CS Design standard that sets our product apart and allows us to produce the most professional content.

We offer both full and half-day rates, and we do not require any trip charges within a 50 mile radius of Tucson.

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