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CS Design Studios is the premier choice for Digital Marketing Agencies in Tucson, Arizona. We work side by side businesses, companies and corporations to strategize a plan of action that helps you funnel and convert customers over and over again through digital marketing.

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Digital Marketing Tucson, AZ

What Is a Digital Marketing Company & How CS Design Studios Can Help You!

If you have made your way to this page, it’s most likely you are looking for a Digital Marketing Agency in Tucson – and more so, one that you can trust to help guide you through the nuances of what, how and why digital marketing actually works. Before we do however, lets talk about what digital marketing is.

In short a digital marketing company, agency or firm is an entity that helps you market your product, services or idea to the world through digital mediums. In essence, because more and more people are using the internet, smart phones and computers daily, it is important to make sure you are leveraging digital channels like search engines, social media, email and media buying platforms like Google Ad’s.

Even with how many people browse the internet daily, would you believe it that the number is still increasing daily? In fact, studies and statistics also show that the internet is used for far more than it ever has been before and how it is used is impacting businesses more and more.

Marketing has always been the effort in which you connect with your audience at the right place and the right time. Traditionally, TV Ad’s, Billboards and Radio were used to make that connection – fast forward 20 years and you will find that those traditional methods are working less and less. In their place, Digital Marketing has been born and digital marketing companies help facilitate these processes.

If you’re in need of a digital marketing agency in Tucson, CS Design Studios can help with all of the above and more.

Digital Marketings Breadth of Scope

Digital marketing is the umbrella word for all forms of marketing through digital mediums. From the company or corporations website its self, to digital pay per click advertising methods, email marketing, online brochures, search engine marketing & more, digital marketing encompasses numerous tactics to connect with customers in the places the spend their time online.

While there are multiple mediums available, we have gone ahead and listed a few digital marketing avenues that are usually explored in a digital marketing campaign.

Search Engine Optimization Marketing

Search engine optimization is the process in which a webmaster or website owner attempts to position their website higher in a search engine results page, effectively increasing the amount of free traffic a website receives.

SEO is usually comprised of infographics, blog / article entries, on-page text, user interface and responsive design, and more. Because it can take months or even years to change your position in search engines, contrast to other websites and competitors, oftentimes SEO is used in conjunction with PPC or Google Ad’s (Later Explained)

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the promotion of content assets. These can include things like ebooks, white-papers, infographics, blog posts, graphs, statistical evidence and more. In short, content marketing helps you build brand awareness and customer interest through the creation of contextual information.

Pay Per Click Marketing & Google Ad’s

Pay per Click, also known as PPC or Google Ad’s is a form of marketing that attempts to drive traffic to your website by paying a publisher every-time your ad is clicked. While one of the most common interfaces for the pay per click model is Google Ad’s, other channels also exist. Some examples of those channels are: Facebook, instagram, Twitter, Bing Ad’s, Yahoo Gemini and more.

When pay per click is used in conjunction with SEO it helps to drive traffic to your website for keywords that are selected. As a rebound effect, because you are driving traffic through Keywords, Google begins to understand what your website is about at a much faster rate than if you had not decided to have a pay per click campaign. In addition, depending on other factors, some of the traffic yielded from Pay per Click can help rank your website rank higher due to on page analytics like: “Bounce Rate”, “On page Time” and more.

Because of the information aforementioned above, when starting a digital marketing strategy it is best to find a firm that has an understanding of how SEO and PPC work in conjunction with one another.

How CS Design Studios Helps

As a company that has been in business for over 10 years, you can imagine how many opportunities we have had to help both local and national clients. As a provider in digital marketing to names like PSE Archery, the U of A Schwartz Lab, Big Brothers Big Sisters, GG&G, and the Pascua Yaqui Tribe, CS Design Studios has proven to excel – and now we want to help you!

If you’re looking to partner with a digital marketing agency that values long term commitment to your success, then look no further. Call us today to find out what we can do for you and how. With specialists available in all areas of digital marketing we can be sure that we can meet the needs of your goals on a moments notice.

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