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Digital Marketing Tucson 2020 Strategy

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Digital Marketing Tucson 2020
Digital marketing, trends, advice and actionable takeaways are changing year over year for a conversion agency like CS Design Studios. In fact, not just yearly, sometimes daily. Because of these changes, it requires a company such as ourselves to keep its finger on the pulse of the market and to understand how it can affect you, our clients.
With that said, let’s jump into what we’re working on for 2020.

Digital Marketing Tucson 2020 Trends

There are a few things that come to mind for digital marketing trends for 2020, but here are the ones CS Design Studios is paying the most attention too:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Conversational Marketing
  • Personalization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

Artificial Intelligence

As time goes on, companies and firms have been looking to rely on artificial intelligence to help their customers in ways humans cannot or may not. Google specifically has been working very hard on their algorithmic approach to automate Google Ads and adjustment bidding for keywords on its platform, promoting it at every turn.

If you’re a business owner who has run ads on Google in the past 12 months you have probably even received a call from a Google representative promoting these artificial intelligence systems. Does the phrase “Maximize Conversions” ring a bell? We thought it would.

Similar to what Google is doing, all companies that provide tools are services are. They believe that their systems could in the future, through machine learning, automate processes that make it easier for people to automate, pick-up, learn and integrate into their ecosystem.

A few other applications that will depend automating their systems for business to business and business to consumer models are:

  • Product & Content Recommendations
  • Sales Forecasting and Client Generation
  • Personalized Chat Bots
  • Pay Per Click Advertising Campaigns
  • Conversion Rate Optimization Scanners

As you can see, there are many applications and uses of artificial intelligence through digital marketing but not all should be used . . . yet. CS Design Studios implements these technologies on an as-needed basis and so far, they just can’t outperform a human in our stress tests.

Conversational Marketing

The way we operate and communicate online is constantly evolving. Online customers are expecting more out their interactive experience on media platforms and websites these days. That’s because the companies on the leading edge have implemented conversational marketing into their comprehensive marketing strategy.

Man looking over digital marketing results in 2020At its core, conversational marketing is a dynamic approach to customer interactions that seeks to engage with people in a relational manner. Creating experiences that look and feel like genuine, one-to-one human interaction within comfortable settings is one goal of conversational marketing. These interactions can help your company to learn more about your clientele and let them learn more about you.

Some of the most common examples of conversational marketing are the use of live chat, chatbots, and social monitoring to create authentic channels of communication and build meaningful relationships. Engaging with potential consumers in real-time and in a personalized way has been shown to shorten the sales cycle and drive up conversion.


Taking a personalized approach to your strategy is the norm of modern-day marketing. One of the key ways to do this is to collect and use user data to tailor your marketing stance to your audience. Keep in mind that customers expect something in return when they choose to share information. For example, as an incentive to fill out a survey, your company may offer discounts–but it’s imperative that all personal info is protected.

Search Engine Optimization

Comprehensive, smart SEO implementation across platforms for your company website and brand continues to be essential for success in 2020. Perhaps no other category has a greater cost/benefit ratio in modern digital marketing than SEO. Successful digital marketing in 2020 will include data-tracking functions so you know what works best to drive up conversion from online users.

Brands with thorough SEO implementation climb above the competition to cast the net wide and reach more people. It is important to utilize marketing analytics reports to stay in the know on how your SEO services are impacting online website interaction and conversion rates. Essential features of effective SEO services include smart web page content creation, regular custom ad copy post creation, and link building. Additionally, you want to take advantage of detailed keyword research to create content to target specific online traffic.

Excellent SEO content must be regularly produced and published online to keep your business site current and visible. Platforms such as Google My Business are essential for directory listing and it gives you greater control over your online image. Indeed, SEO should be considered in every aspect of your marketing approach–if you’re not investing in comprehensive SEO, you will fall further and further behind in 2020 and beyond.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Of course, everything you do to improve your marketing strategy is about optimizing your conversion rate. After all, conversion is king. There are countless ways to drive up conversion, but beyond the aforementioned strategies which certainly apply, there are a few more tips to maximize results.

First, you want to invest in methods for targeting the right kind of users online. Indeed, just getting more people to your site does no good if they’re the wrong kind of visitors. Second, improve your return on investment by studying how to get the most out of your efforts so you get more conversions without having to bring in more potential customers.

Third, improve the site user experience. When your users feel comfortable navigating your easy-to-use, sleek website, they will be much more likely to buy what you’re selling. Lastly, you want to lock down your trust-factor with customers. Through numerous strategies, you can ensure online users feel secure sharing personal and financial information on site. You want to invest in powerful security measures and take no chances with the up-time of your website and its assets.

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