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CS Design Studios partners with TRICO Electric Cooperative Inc

Responsive Web Design created for Trico Electric by CS Design Studios!

CS Design Studios creates website for the Southwest’s power provider

Trico Electric Cooperative Inc. is a non-profit, electric cooperative serving Northwest Tucson, Marana, Corona de Tucson, Sahuarita, Green Valley, Three Points, Arivaca, Sasabe, Mt. Lemmon and Saddlebrooke. Trico was formed in 1945 by farmers in Avra Valley seeking to bring electric power to their rural area. The TRICO mission is to provide safe, reliable electricity that optimizes benefits to members and their communities.

Overall, Trico’s service area encompasses 2,346 square miles. Farmers and ranchers organized Trico in 1945 under the Rural Electrification Act that was enacted to bring electricity to the rural areas of the United States. Three years later, Trico’s first electrical power lines were energized. A Certificate of Convenience and Necessity issued by the Arizona Corporation Commission in 1966 provides Trico the exclusive right to provide electric distribution service in its territory. Between 1987 and the present, additional Certificates were issued for the SaddleBrooke and Oracle Junction areas, adding 32 square miles to the northern part of Trico’s service area.

Trico is one of CS Design Studios oldest clients. CS Design created the regional website for Trico and provides the site management, maintenance, and security. We also manage the business listings, monthly reporting, videography, and photography for Trico. By handling these aspects of Trico’s digital presence, CS Design Studios is able to provide the public with an understanding of what Trico does, and the energy they are able to provide to the community.

The site offers clients the opportunity to access information on their account and billing straight from the Trico website, as well as to pay their bill online. It features a black-out map of any areas experiencing outages, how many people are affected, and contact information to report a power disturbance. The website also offers a section for new clients to view Trico’s up-to-date rates and a frequently asked questions page.

CS Design Studios is proud to provide the online presence necessary for the company that brings power to many of us here in the Southwest and we look forward to continuing our work with Trico far into the future!

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