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CS Design Studios Competes in Spartan Super Race

CS Design Studios Competes in the Toughest Spartan Race Yet

CS Design Studios Competes in the Toughest Spartan Race Yet

On February 10th, 2018, four members of the CS Design Studios team headed out to Fort Mcdowell to compete in the Spartan Super : The Toughest Spartan Race Yet. Upwards of eight miles running between 25 obstacles on treacherous terrain faced the CS team as they tire-flipped, rope climbed, and army crawled their way to victory.

“There’s nothing mediocre about this middle distance race” spouts the official Spartan race site. The Spartan Super is an ominous blend of blend of both distance and speed, making it a challenge for any level of athlete; and is not recommended for the less experienced.

Though none of the CS Team were veteran Spartans, all completed the course with impressive pace and agility. You would never know these four competitors spend their days behind desks as warriors of web design. Check out highlights from some of the race’s toughest points on our CS Design Studios YouTube Channel!

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