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CS Design Studios Hangs Ten with Louisiana Wave Studio!

CS Design Studios' created a responsive web design for Louisiana Wave Studio

CS Design Studios Brings the Louisiana Wave Studio Site to Box Office Quality!

Originally built by the Aquatic Development Group for Walt Disney Pictures' The Guardian in 2005, the Louisiana Wave Studio is the only computer-controlled precision wave-making facility dedicated to the making of motion pictures in the world.

The tank, with its built-in “wavemaker” technology is a state-of-the-art facility capable of generating up to 13 different types of 2 foot to 8 foot waves. This allows the director to choreograph anything from a gentle swell to a raging storm, an effect enhanced by three enormous chutes that enable water to be thrown into the scene horizontally. The tank is open air for easy crane and helicopter access and holds 800,000 gallons of water; making it suitable for underwater filming as well.

Several films have filmed at the wave studio, including I Love You, Phillip Morris, Streets of Blood, Mayday—Bering Sea, Shark Night, Microwave Park, and, of course, The Guardian.

CS Design Studios is proud to have built the website for such a prestigious filmmaking fixture! View Live

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