CS Design Studio’s Jason Dumont

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Meet our Director of Operations!

Jason Dumont is the Director of Operations here at CS Design Studios. Before finding his way to CS, Jason worked in a variety of call centers and for a jewelry finding distribution company where he managed their website, product listings, and search engine optimization.Growing up, Jason knew he either wanted to be an actor or video game designer. He had the opportunity to take web design courses in high school and upon graduation, began taking computer programming courses at Pima Community College; where he learned the basis for the online programming languages he works with today. He received a certificate in computer programming from Pima Community College and later went back to school at the University of Phoenix to earn an Associates Degree in Web Design.

At a time when Jason was having difficulty finding freelance work, he was encouraged to put out his resume to local web design companies. CS Design Studios reviewed Jason’s resume, and the rest was history! Jason has been with CS Design Studios for nearly four years and wears many hats as Director of Operations. He is responsible for the overall success and failure of his team, whom he gives the utmost credit to. “As our founder says, they don’t work for me, they work with me,” says Jason, and on top of his managerial responsibilities, Jason also works as Lead Developer. Being Lead Developer means that he works on all of the projects assigned, whether it is front-end programming, responsive programming, or content addition. Jason assists our operations team with any and all aspects of each website project that comes to CS Design Studios.

When asked his favorite part about his job, Jason is quick to highlight his team: “I will freely admit that my position here at CS Design Studios is very challenging, but it is the people employed by this great company that is my absolute favorite part.” Next, he divulges the sense of accomplishment he feels when he is able to fully wrap his head around a difficult programming assignment, and lastly, he swells with pride each time a member of our team does something truly remarkable for a client. “Nothing beats these feelings I get when these things happen.” — Jason Dumont

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