CS Designs Divulges What It Means To Be A Google Partner

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What are the benefits of working with a certified Google Partner?

Google Partners is Google’s program for advertising agencies, digital marketing professionals, and other online consultants. By becoming a Google Partner, an agency can access Google AdWords product updates, special events and training, industry research, and free certification exams and study materials.In order to be considered for Google Partnership, an agency must first meet some bottom line criteria. These criteria include demonstrating AdWords skill and expertise, meeting a minimum Google ad spend requirement, delivering client revenue growth, maintaining client retention, and sustaining a growing client base. Requirements also include proof of growth in the number of advertisers and overall revenue growth. An agency must have at least one individual certified in Google AdWords to communicate an advanced capacity of AdWords knowledge to become a Google Partner. CS Design Studios has five affiliates certified in Google AdWords, three Google certified affiliates in mobile advertising, video advertising, display advertising, and Google Analytics IQ, and even more certified in mobile sites and search advertising. In addition to these certifications, CS Design Studios has been a Google Partner since the inception of the program.

Being a Google Partner comes with a number of benefits for the accredited marketing professional and their client base. Educationally, being a Google Partner means that CS Design Studios has access to Google product training and certifications, sales training, and community membership and product updates. Regarding growth, CS Design Studios has access to sales and pitch collateral, new business strategy consulting, and client support. To support all that growth, Google offers performance reporting, phone chat and email support, and dedicated account management. Google Partners also have access to Google Beta, which means whenever Google releases a new application or feature, Google Partners have a chance to test it out up to a year before it becomes available to the public. This offers great possibilities for our clients to get ahead of their competition.

Considering these benefits for CS Design Studios’ Partnership, the benefits to our clients is even larger. An accredited Google partner can manage your AdWords campaigns optimally and personally; ensuring that your business is getting the best return on investment possible. Being a Google Partner means that we are given special access to a direct phone line to a Google Technical Support Specialist when challenges arise, and we’re assigned a dedicated Google Representative who delivers quarterly updates on all our accounts, including how they measure up to competitors. This is information that we can then share with our clients to adjust our approach and increase conversions for the next quarter. Ultimately, working with a Google Partner means that a client’s advertising will result in the greatest return on their investment and create a more profitable business.

CS Design Studios is proud to maintain our status as a Google Partner and ensure the best business practices for ourselves and our clients!

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