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Meet Our Director of Special Operations!

Dillon Faulkner is the Director of Special Operations here at CS Design Studios. In his early twenties, Dillon already has professional experience far beyond his years and is instrumental in everything we do here at CS Design Studios.Dillon started working at just 14 years old as a window and power washer in Phoenix, and later as a courtesy clerk at Safeway. As a Junior at Compass High School, Dillon was hired as a part-time intern to perform clerical work and was later given greater responsibility when he graduated a year early and began organizing the administration, tutoring, and substitute teaching for the school. At the same time, he worked for Compass’ sister company Gatoreyez Graphix, where he did graphic design, illustration, vehicle wraps, and large print media installations. On top of all of his professional ventures, Dillon also did IT support and training as a hobby on the side.

Dillon recalls his earliest technical endeavors stemming from the desire to understand how things worked. He recounts one of his early projects involving hiding game software on his middle school’s’ network to have secret gaming sessions while he and his classmates had a substitute teacher for the day. Though he was not initially interested in digital design (he favored photography) Dillon learned Adobe Photoshop which sparked an interest in learning Illustrator and other professional software programs.

After working for Compass and Gatoreyez for six years, Dillon was ready for a new challenge. He had made it to the third round of interviews for Apple Inc. when Wyatt Chambers, the founder of CS Design Studios, offered him a position. Dillon trusted that this position at CS Design Studios would offer him the opportunity to acquire new skills and satisfy his desire to be a lifelong learner.

Dillon’s daily responsibilities include anything and everything required to keep operations running smoothly. Website development and optimization, advanced online security, quality control, and video and photography needs are just the beginning. Dillon is here to make sure all our client’s sites are up to date, secure, and working optimally. He is constantly looking for ways to help both CS Design Studios and our clients perform better (though he admits his first priority is usually coffee).

Dillon has enjoyed the tasks and challenges that his position at CS Design Studios has presented to him. He obtained his FAA certified drone pilot license as soon as the test became available to the public and now has over 100 hours of flight time. Dillon is also being sent by CS Design Studios to a University of Arizona Bootcamp to further enhance his skills as a developer. For completion of the rigorous program, Dillon will receive a Full Stack Web Development certification. Dillon was one of the 25 out of over 400 applicants selected to participate. These are just a few examples of Dillon’s continued skill development for CS Design Studios. Through his love of problem-solving and lifelong learning, Dillon expresses that his favorite part of his job is “The opportunity to be challenged and constantly learn new things.”

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