CS Designs Wins 120K Google Grant

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CS Design Studios wins Google Grant for work with ASAVET

Google Grants are designed to help non-profit charities and organizations thrive. Google Ad Grants are used to increase visibility, and showcase charities in Google’s search results. The results then help to generate more traffic, donations, and volunteers for the organization.Google Ads offer applications for ease of donation and analytics, which allow organizations to view how much success the Google Ads have generated. In order to be eligible to receive a Google Ad Grant, organizations must be considered highly charitable, and have a live website.

CS Design Studios was recently awarded a $120,000 Google Grant for our work with ASAVET Charities. ASAVET Charities is a 501 c 3 non-profit organization created in Arizona in 2014 to help animals and their owners. ASAVET promotes affordable veterinary services, provides indigent referrals from other veterinary providers, and offers mobile veterinary services to communities in need. ASAVET Charities is the non-profit of Dr. Karter Neal, who is known for her high volume spay and neuter excellence. The ASAVET Mobile Clinic is able to offer services to communities in both Arizona and New Mexico through grants, donations and the support of rescue groups. Along with donor support, ASAVET aims to provide low-cost and no-cost surgeries for companion animals to create healthier, happier lives for pets and their owners.

CS Design Studios built the ASAVET website and now has the chance to generate even more success for the charity. CS Designs is poised with the knowledge and experience to utilize the Google Grant in the most efficient manner possible and take ASAVET donor engagement to the next level. By utilizing the $120,000 Google Grant, CS Design Studios has more agency than ever before to produce greater visibility for ASAVET online.

CS Design Studios has been working behind the scenes to give ASAVET Charities the attention and engagement they deserve. As of June 2010, Google has awarded over $600 million in grant money to nonprofit organizations, and we at CS Design Studios are proud to have been a part of that. With the Google Grant comes the opportunity for CS Design Studios to give back to the community, and to continue to provide support to the ASAVET community.

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