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Meet CS Design Studios’ Angie Jacobs

Meet our Director of Online Marketing!

Angie Jacobs is CS Design Studios’ Director of Online Marketing. Before joining the CS team, Angie obtained an Associates Degree in Computer Engineering with minors in Math, Computer Science, and Electrical Engineering. She worked her way up from part-time secretary to manager at an air conditioning company for nearly five years before starting her own business as The Computer Tutor.

Though her original goal was to be a high school algebra teacher, Angie had always had an interest in computers. She learned her first command prompt commands at ten years old and created small scientific calculator programs in high school. The opportunity to come to CS Design Studios was advantageous to Angie in many ways, including being accommodating to her family’s schedule and finances, meeting her goal of finding more regular, reliable, and permanent work, and the chance to work with the CS Design Studios Team!

Angie’s daily responsibilities are vast and technical. She checks the daily status of many tools to ensure no client issues have come up and works closely with assorted tools, including many Google tools, to help clients remain in good favor with Google’s algorithm changes on and off page. Her responsibilities include checking backlinks, optimizing new pages, monitoring and implementing AdWords conversion tracking, monitoring and fixing MOZ and Google errors, implementing new technology to help clients convert website visitors into leads, monitoring mentions of top clients, and regular reviews and researching of page improvements.

When asked her favorite accomplishment during her time at CS, Angie recalls watching our own company go from the #3 to #2 spot in search results, and getting one of our dental and a plastic surgeon clients to the first page of search results with their highest searched keywords. Angie loves being a part of the CS Design Studios team and is a fan of “Data, data, data!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” -- Angie Jacobs

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