CS Design Studios Makes Aepco A Safer Place

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CS Design Studios creates safety enhancing app for AEPCO

The Arizona Electric Power Cooperative (AEPCO) owns and operates Apache Generating Station. The Apache Station has 605 megawatts of combined gross generating capacity, four gas turbines, two steam units which can burn coal or natural gas, and one natural gas-fired boiler. By implementing new efficiencies and reducing fuel costs, AEPCO is poised to become even more competitive. With a strong commitment to safety, approximately 100 employees work three shifts around the clock at the Apache Station to deliver consistent, reliable power to consumers.

At CS Design Studios, we are developing a control app to monitor many of AEPCO’s various operating systems. This application will help to ensure that the systems are running smoothly and as they should, with the efficiency of mobile access. The AEPCO control room is already filled with countless televisions and computer monitors to survey the ongoing plant processes, but they are in need of even more. These new monitoring screens, programmed with the app, will graphically make it easier for the control room engineers to monitor the plant’s stability. With the implementation of this new technology, AEPCO hopes to take their goal of safety, efficiency, and reliability to the next level.

The AEPCO engineers were kind enough to excitedly invite our very own Tyson Torres, Michael Bright, and Shane Chambers on an unscheduled, in depth tour of the massive Apache Generating Station. Throughout this unique opportunity, the three had a chance to view many of the Apache Generating Station’s highly critical systems, which was nothing short of incredible. CS Design Studio’s Tyson Torres recounts that the engineers truly “took the extra time to help us understand the critical role we would be playing.”

What followed was a harrowing experience. With a smoke stack related to the two steam units towering 400-feet tall, the stack measures 70 feet above Tucson’s 330-foot tall Unisource building (the tallest building in Tucson). The view from the top deck perches engineers 200 feet above the valley, and the heat that can be felt comes not only from the hot Arizona sun but from the Apache Station furnace burning 300 feet away.

Torres explained the experience as a chance to understand the raw power and danger associated with the job the men and women of AEPCO do every day to bring us the electricity we need. CS Design Studios is proud to be a part of helping to make this incredible APECO operation tick!

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