CS Design Studios Revamps & Endorses Chiropractors of Tucson

Chiropractors of Tucson

When CS Design Studios was approached with the task of helping a local Tucson Chiropractors office re-outfit their digital marketing plan and strategy, we knew it would be no easy task. After analyzing the competition in the surrounding area to understand our clients market, we set forth an actionable plan to give their web visitors a user experience that they will find anywhere else.

When coupled with the amazing results and customer service that Chiropractors of Tucson provides it’s clientele, we knew it was a win-win situation for us to partner with this local service provider.

Chiropractors of Tucson Website Redesign

Part of the problem CS Design Studios was facing when taking on this new partner was the fact that they had two websites that needed to be consolidated into one. While this is a frequent scenario, sometimes it’s hard to blend a seamless user experience for both offices without alarming the companies prior consumer base. Anytime a website changes in a dramatic fashion, which is what was seen here, you do so at the risk of confusing your current clients.

The way we addressed this was through a landing page split-build. In that, what we mean is that we created landing pages for the two previous domains, that forwarded to the new domain and resembled the past user experience, while notifying the customer of the change. This in turn allowed us to retain all previous direct referral traffic from any printed media or anywhere on the internet.

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