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CS Design Studios is a national leader in marketing technology innovation. Our hard work and dedication to excellence was showcased with not one, but two references by Forbes online magazine. This week, Forbes published two articles which quoted CS Design Studios’ own Senior Digital Marketing Analyst, Schieler Mew. The Forbes articles highlighted hot topics in the business and marketing world right now: cybersecurity and employee retention. CS is the leading local digital marketing company in Tucson, Southern Arizona and beyond, and our reputation for quality is recognized by the top authorities in the business and marketing industry. As a business with years of expertise providing cybersecurity for hundreds of clients and a sterling track-record of employee satisfaction and retention, we are pleased to share our thoughts on these pertinent topics.




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    Forbes first article entitled Cybersecurity: Eight Ways You Can Boost Employee Buy-In focused on how to address the often flawed human element of cybersecurity implementation. In the article, many relevant ideas were discussed such as communicating effectively, defining roles, and involving the whole team. CS Design’s Schieler Mew expressed the need to illustrate importance, writing:

    When it comes to cybersecurity, it is essential that all employees are on board. That is because noncompliance at any level can lead to a breach. CS Design Studios is vigilant in the defense of our own and our clients’ data and web security. With regular trainings, state-of-the-art technology, and seamless communication, our team is well-versed in the art of protecting digital access and data.

    The second article published by Forbes is entitled Employee Retention: Eight Ways To Make Sure Your Tech Team Is Happy Enough To Stay. CS’s contribution to this article focused on the importance of providing your employees with access to the best technology: “The best way to keep your tech team motivated is to provide them with continued technological assets that improve their ability to be productive.” As a leader in digital marketing, we proudly provide the optimal hardware, software, and tools to provide the best quality products for our clients.

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