CS Design Studios Celebrates with 2018 All Star Awards

By January 2, 2019 No Comments
CS Design Studios DEREZed the competition in 2018 thanks to our All Stars! Over the last year, CS was faced with challenges that brought our team’s problem solving, ingenuity, and creativity to new heights. Along with these tests of perseverance came the accomplishment of goals that founder Wyatt Chambers had set at the beginning of the year. This called for a celebration, and when CS Design Studios celebrates, they go BIG. 

The night of accolades began with a private theater at Tucson’s dine-in movie experience, Roadhouse Cinemas, for a showing of Tron: Legacy. Before the main event, distinguished guests were treated to a CS produced awards film, complete with team member hosts in full Tron character and heartfelt messages from our Board of Directors. Following the presentation, attention was drawn to the front of the theater, where Wyatt Chambers and Tyson Torres presented the audience with a literal case full of money, Deal or No Deal style. All Star nominees were then invited up front to receive their prizes, and Tyson proceeded to hand out stacks of cash. The act was nothing short of awesome, and echoed back to the success that CS Design Studios has enjoyed over the last year thanks to the talented team’s hard work.  


After the feature presentation of Tron: Legacy, attendees were invited back to the Chamber’s “End of Line Club” featuring catered dinner from Tucson local business, Poco and Mom’s, decorated sheet cakes, and a bottle of “Cs” merlot on every table.


CS Design Studios is honored to have cultivated such an expert team of skilled, dedicated, and admirable individuals worthy of such celebration. Thank you to all who have made 2018 such a success and we look forward to continuing the CS standard of excellence through 2019 and beyond.