Our Clients

Customers, partners, and our friends.

For nearly 10 years we’ve been producing websites that showcase our talents and more importantly, the personality of the corporations we’ve been privileged to represent. This is a sampling of the work we’ve created in that time.

Trico Electric Cooperative

CS Created a New Website for the Southwest's Power Provider.

Trico is one of CS Design Studios oldest clients. CS Design created the regional website for Trico and provides the site management, maintenance, and security. We also manage the business listings, monthly reporting, videography, and photography for Trico. By handling these aspects of Trico’s digital presence, CS Design Studios is able to provide the public with an understanding of what Trico does, and the energy they are able to provide to the community. Visit

Rose Academies

Web hosting, billboard marketing, graduation ceremony streaming, and more in store for Rose Academies!

CS Design Studios has been working closely with Rose Academies to expand their reach and enhance their exposure across Southern Arizona. Along with website management, their CS developed digital marketing strategy includes enhanced Amazon web hosting services, billboard marketing campaign development, and reputation management. CS Design Studios has also produced graduation videos for Rose Academy for years, and last year, began live streaming their graduation ceremony. These live streaming capabilities enable friends and family of students to enjoy and share in the graduation experience remotely.

Recently, CS Design Studios has been ramping up on reputation management by collecting Google Reviews from each of Rose Academy’s five locations. These reviews give Rose Academy a greater online presence and paint a personalized picture of what their schools have to offer. Visit

Al Coronado Plumbing

CS Design Studios developed a learning management support system and more for Tucson’s Al Coronado Plumbing.

CS Design Studios developed, and continues to maintain the website for Al Coronado Plumbing. On top of ongoing website development, CS offers advanced firewall and malware protection, content management, comprehensive backup, and local search engine optimization management. CS Design Studios also handles Al Coronado Plumbing’s social media posts, call reporting and review, reputation management and response, and video testimonials. Our relationship with Al Coronado Plumbing continues to grow as we are able to provide further services to their expanding business. Visit

Trail Dust Town

Tucson’s Old West receives a Touch of Tech from CS Design Studios.

On top of calling Trail Dust Town home, CS Design Studios provides the site maintenance, content, and firewall protection for all the town. CS manages their search engine optimization (SEO), google analytics, business listings, and monthly reporting; and also provides video production services.

CS Design Studios is happy to be a hub of technological advancement nestled in Tucson’s Old West. In working with Trail Dust Town, CS Design Studios is able to support local business, and draw greater attention to the Tucson gem that is Trail Dust Town. Visit

Savoy Opera House

CS Design Studios created an innovative, engaging website for the Savoy Opera House located in Trail Dust Town.

CS Design Studios created a beautiful website for Trail Dust Town’s historical Savoy Opera House. CS maintains and hosts the site on an enhanced tier-4 system. Our partnership with Savoy also includes comprehensive backup, SEO management and consulting, Google Analytics and monitoring, and business listing management. The elegance of Savoy is pervasive on the CS designed website and offers a personalized look inside of this event center. Visit

El Corral

CS provided legendary service to the home of legendary Prime Rib.

CS maintains and hosts the El Corral site on an enhanced tier-4 system. Our partnership with El Corral also includes comprehensive backup, SEO management and consulting, Google Analytics and monitoring, and business listing management. The easy-to-use website offers site visitors clickable icons to view the restaurant's menu, photo gallery, and a chance to learn the history of Tucson’s El Corral. Visit

Pinnacle Peak

CS created a website and more for this wild west themed steakhouse.

CS Design Studios created a user friendly website for Trail Dust Town’s famous Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse. CS maintains and hosts the site on an enhanced tier-4 system. Our partnership with Pinnacle Peak also includes comprehensive backup, SEO management and consulting, Google Analytics and monitoring, and business listing management. We won’t be “cutting ties” with Pinnacle Peak anytime soon! Visit

LeeShanok Network Solutions

CS developed interactive site for LeeShanok network solutions.

CS Design Studios designed and continues to maintain LeeShanok’s website, while also managing the backup, web health monitoring, Google Analytics, and content for the site. CS has managed LeeShanok’s social media, reputation, and business listings; and created video testimonials to be used on their site. The site includes information and resources for visitors to better understand what LeeShanok Network Solutions has to offer, with links to their various social media platforms, and an opportunity to live chat with a LeeShanok support agent. Visit

UofA College of Landscape Architecture

CS created massive website for the College of Landscape Architecture.

CS Design Studios collaborated with the College of Landscape Architecture to bring the college’s presence onto the web. The website for the College of Landscape architecture was a large endeavor that included over two-thousand pages.

UofA Lab of Jacob Schwartz

CS Collaborates with world leader in ALS Research

CS Design Studios operates and maintains the website, security, Google analytics, content, and social media for the Lab of Jacob Schwartz in order to help extend the lab’s reach and raise awareness for the incredible work they are doing. CS Design Studios is also in talks of bringing webcast technologies to the lab in order to enable their researchers to talk to other biomedical authorities around the world and create an environment in which these scientists can collaborate with ease. Because of the leaps and bounds the Lab of Jacob Schwartz has made for the betterment of humanity, CS Design Studios also has the opportunity to receive a Google Grant that could mean major developments for the lab and their work. Visit

Academy of Tucson

CS partnered with Academy of Tucson charter schools.

CS Design Studios operates and maintains the website hosting, backup, security, and content for Academy of Tucson elementary, middle, and high schools. Our collaboration also includes SEO management, Ecommerce and, Google analytics and business listing management; as well as monthly reporting. The website includes easy access to enrollment forms, current events and guidelines, and a contact page. Academy of Tucson students perform better in every subject compared to the state average, and CS Design Studios is here to ensure their glowing reputation is well known. Visit

Pima Air & Space Museum

The Pima Air & Space Museum received an online store and ticketing options for the first time ever!

CS Design Studios redesigned and made significant advancements to the Pima Air & Space Museum website including online ticketing in partnership with Showclix. The online ticketing provided users the ability to present tickets on their smartphones. Another extensive addition to the site was the virtual tour option. CS Design Studios took over 2,000 HDR photos and chose the best 100 panoramas for the five virtual tours available on the site. These fully immersive panoramic tours of the museum showcase the hangers, grounds, and exhibits and can be viewed from anywhere across a variety of platforms including iPhone and Android smartphones. Along with virtual tours, CS Design Studios created GPS voice-guided tours for the museum’s TRAM system. The voice-guided GPS allows guests to navigate their way through the museum, guide-free, and still receive information about the exhibit in which they are located. CS Design Studios provided the Pima Air & Space Museum with video production for multiple events, including the landing of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the time lapse building of HANGER 5 during the Tucson Monsoons. Security was of the utmost concern, and under CS Design Studios watch, the site was never compromised. In addition, CS Design Studios created two databases including the Arizona Aviation Hall of Fame database and the database for Pima Air & Space’s 300 Aircraft. Lastly, CS built the museum their online e-commerce store and brought in a vendor to handle merchandising. In total, CS Design Studios donated over $10,000 of free web development services and consulting, comprehensively improving the overall reach and success of the Pima Air & Space Museum.

Affordable Window Tinting

CS developed shining website and more for Tucson’s Affordable Window Tinting.

CS Design Studios created the Affordable Window Tinting website, and manages the hosting, security, content, SEO, and social media for the company. CS also maintains Affordable Window Tinting’s business listings and Google Analytics. The site includes high-resolution images of the Affordable Window Tinting’s previous work as visual representations of the services they offer; including residential and commercial grade window tinting. Visit

Cutting Edge Collision Center

CS Design Studios created user-friendly web platform and more for local business Cutting Edge Collision Center.

CS Design Studios not only created an optimized website for Cutting Edge Collision center, but also provides the site’s security, hosting, content management, and backup; as well as provides call reporting, SEO management, reputation management, social media, and Google analytics monitoring for the site. The site includes interactive slides of Cutting Edge Collision Center’s services, and responsive blurbs featuring their current projects and events. Visit

Tucson Indian Center

CS Design Studios collaborated with the Tucson Indian Center to bring greater accessibility to the association.

CS Design Studios designed and created the website for the Tucson Indian Center and provides the website hosting, management, security, and maintenance. CS Design Studios also provides videography and photography services to keep the content on the site relevant and up to date. The site includes clickable pages with information and resources, program activities, assistance, and opportunities to get involved. Visit

Pascua Yaqui Tribe

The Pascua Yaqui Tribe’s Enhanced Tribal Card Program found its developer in CS Design Studios.

There have been years of development going on behind the scenes to bring the Enhanced Tribal Card Program into fruition, and CS Design Studios is here to provide the support needed for the Tribe’s endeavor. CS Design Studios is providing the ETC Program site with hosting, branding, content management, web monitoring, and security, while also taking the next steps to promote the opportunity the Enhanced Tribal ID Card brings. This promotion includes a social media strategy, email marketing, and even a postal mail campaign to ensure tribal members are aware and able to gain access. Visit

Smile Perfection

CS Design Studios developed advanced tier-3 wordpress hosting and more for Smile Perfection.

CS Design Studios developed the Smile Perfection site, an advanced firewall and malware protection system, and an enhanced tier-3 Wordpress Hosting program. Our work with Smile Perfection includes ongoing site content management, comprehensive backup services, reputation management and response capabilities, and more. The site includes the ability to “request an appointment” at the click of a button, testimonials, and video introductions of the Smile Perfection dentists themselves. Visit

Dr. Derickson

CS Design Studios developed website for Dr. Derickson dentistry, offering more than just a great smile.

CS Design Studios developed the website for Dr. Derickson and Dalesandro’s dentistry practice. On top of website development, CS handles the reputation management, SEO, security, and web maintenance for Dr. Derickson and Dalesandro; while also providing pay per click google management, and hosting under a tier-1 provider. The site includes video introductions of the dentists on staff and pages where clients have the opportunity to learn more about the services offered. Visit

Pro Remodeling

CS Design Studios created a new website and marketing strategy for Pro Remodeling.

CS Design Studios developed Pro Remodeling’s website and provides the site security, management, search engine marketing, and web health monitoring. Pro Remodeling has offered “old world quality” and real-world value to Tucson since 1971, and CS is adding real-world value to Pro Remodeling’s marketing campaign. Visit

Santa Cruz Veterinary Clinic

CS teamed up with Tucson's affordable veterinary care.

CS Design Studios developed the website for Santa Cruz Veterinary Clinic. The development includes web hosting, maintenance, and security; as well as pay-per-click management, search engine optimization ranking, and reputation management. The site includes information on current fees and promotions, news updates, and patient education forms. Visit

Big Brothers Big Sisters

CS donated over $10,000 of services to launch new and improved website for this national charity.

CS Design Studios has donated $10,000 worth of services to develop the new Big Brothers Big Sisters website and is providing all the services needed to help it thrive. Not only is CS hosting the site, but managing the security, web content, and site backup. CS Design Studios also provides Google Analytics monitoring and monthly reporting to Big Brother’s Big Sisters, to present the site’s progress.

The new site will include multiple opportunities to donate directly and to purchase tickets to Big Brothers Big Sisters’ fundraising events. It will also increase the accessibility of information for becoming a volunteer and enrolling a child in need. CS Design Studios is proud to partner with Big Brother’s Big Sisters and provide them with the best web presence and management possible. The new site will help to increase the nonprofit's reach, generate greater funding, and provide more resources for the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tucson. Visit

PSE Archery

CS Design Studios reimagined PSE Archery’s website for a cutting edge look and operation as state of the art as their bows!

Here at CS Design Studios, we helped PSE Archery to deploy a revolutionary new marketing approach. We entirely redesigned their website with dazzling new graphic capabilities and a more user-friendly interface. Ease of website navigation helps to drive up customer engagement on the site, and make the new and exciting website tools all the more accessible. This included the unveiling of a new “dealer locator” tool, which allows clients to find their local archery dealer with ease and precision.

But the revamp does not stop there. CS Design Studios is in talks with PSE Archery about a brand new app. Whether customers are on the lookout for bow comfort, draw speed, or customization, the app will bring the preferences of the client to the forefront. Developments like this are in the new wave of necessity for repeat customers and engagement. Individualized technology is something both the PSE Archery engineers, and the CS Design team recognize as fundamental in the world today. Visit


CS created a safety-enhancing app for the Arizona Electric Power Cooperative.

At CS Design Studios, we are developing a control app to monitor many of AEPCO’s various operating systems. This application will help to ensure that the systems are running smoothly and as they should, with the efficiency of mobile access. The AEPCO control room is already filled with countless televisions and computer monitors to survey the ongoing plant processes, but they are in need of even more. These new monitoring screens, programmed with the app, will graphically make it easier for the control room engineers to monitor the plant’s stability. With the implementation of this new technology, AEPCO hopes to take their goal of safety, efficiency, and reliability to the next level. Visit


CS brought new life to Savvi website.

CS Design Studios built the SAVVi’s site,, with a dedication to interaction in mind. The web page includes an easy to navigate interface with vibrant, interactive graphics all along the way. On SAVVi’s homepage, audiences can see a larger than life, 3D spacecraft, which can be clicked and dragged to view from any angle, and zoomed upon to view in more detail. Many of the graphics featured on the website include animated effects that play once the user’s cursor comes into contact. Audiences can see snowfall over Disney’s Elsa and a cauldron bubble next to a pint-sized witch. With each move of the mouse, CS Design Studios has brought the SAVVi site to life.

Filter Products Corporation

CS Design Studios created the initial website for Filter Products Corporation and continues to bring greater site advancements.

CS Design Studios created the initial website for Filter Products Corp and now provides the site maintenance, firewall protection, content management, comprehensive backup, and network operations center monitoring. Filter Products Corporation is located in Tucson, but services companies around the world. By adding a 3D cart E-commerce option to their website, CS enabled FPC to take their services to a global scale. Visit

Profusion Media

Partnering with Profusion Media gives CS Design Studios the opportunity to produce professional video for our clients.

CS Design Studios partners with Profusion Media in order to offer professional grade video production to our clients. In exchange for top-notch media work, CS Design Studios maintains the website development for Profusion. It’s a match made in heaven! Visit

Englewood Hospital

CS teamed up with global leader in bloodless medicine.

CS Design Studios handles Englewood’s email newsletter, salesforce integration, and has created a new seminar website. The seminar website showcases all of Englewood’s upcoming events which educate members of the medical community on the possibilities of bloodless medicine. The site allows users to see in real time how many seats are left available for attendees, gives details on the event’s speakers, and displays a countdown clock leading up to the event. In addition, the seminar website gives users the opportunity to reserve their seat to attend the event in person, or sign up to view the webcast online.

CS Design Studios has also developed an app for Englewood Hospital to gather feedback from patients who have received treatment from Englewood’s medical professionals. The app is a patient experience interface, where patients have the ability to go in and share their experience to yield feedback for Englewood. This feedback then gives Englewood Hospital the capacity to reward their medical professionals for a job well done. Visit

Kyrco Developers

CS brought new web development to Kyrco Developers, a multinational company.

CS Design Studios developed the website for Kyrco Developers and also manages the website hosting, security, contents, and backup. CS provides reputation management, Google Analytics monitoring, business listing management, social media strategy, and pay-per-click services to Kyrco Developers in order to further expand their online reach and presence. The Kyrco site includes a both an English and a Spanish translated version for clients to interact with. Visit