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Wyatt Chambers


Wyatt Chambers is the Founder and Owner of CS Design Studios. He attended the University of Phoenix where he attained a BSIT Web Administration degree. Wyatt created CS Design Studios in 2008 after working for UPS as an eCommerce Consultant. His countless accomplishments include becoming a Google Partner, and a Horizon Interactive Awards winner which is one of the most prestigious awards in the field of interactive and creative media. He works to ensure the success of any and all large projects by maintaining the goals and objectives of the organization.

Tyson Torres

Director of Business Development

Meet CS Design Studios’ Tyson Torres

As Director of Marketing & Business Development, Tyson handles the majority of incoming office calls, writes proposals, strategizes future projects, and oversees the delivery of marketing results for every CS Design Studios client. When asked about his favorite part about what he does, Tyson instantly refers to his love of helping others. When taking all those calls coming into the office, Tyson gives out a lot of free advice. When he gets a client or potential client calling in to inquire about CS building a website or deploying a new digital marketing strategy, he takes the time to not only answer their questions, but also to explain the current state of play online. That way they benefit from the conversation--whether they sign with CS Design Studios or not.

“It all comes back around. The high road may be uphill, but the view is a lot better. And it takes a team effort to deliver world-class value. In my heart of hearts I know that this is simply the finest team I've ever worked with.” --Tyson Torres

Michael Bright

General Manager

Michael Bright is the General Manager here at CS Design Studios. He attended Pima Community College and attained an Associates Degree in Computer Programming and Systems Analysis after a long affinity with computers.

Michael’s dad moved him and his family here to Tucson with IBM computer company on a hot July day in 1978. His father was always bringing home the newest IBM technology, and Michael recalls everything from the original Atari game console, to the first IBM laptops, and 16MB hard drives coming out of his dad’s briefcase upon returning home. Michael had always had an interest in drafting, both architectural and mechanical, which he took classes for in high school; but during his senior year, Michael’s dad convinced him to take a computer class. This led to more computer classes in college, and later a career focused in IT.

By 1983, Michael began working in freelance programming, followed by monitoring accounting software, and later becoming CFO in Finance, Accounting, and IT for Tostino Coffee Roasters. In 2003 Michael formed his own company, Bright Solutions Inc, a Computer Support System service that provides support to home users and small businesses. In 2014 he switched gears into real estate as a Short Sale Negotiator.

Changes in the real estate market led Michael back to computers and he found his way to CS Design Studios. He recalls a meeting with CS founder, Wyatt Chambers, reigniting his interest in the world of computers. Now, Michael spends his days coordinating efforts between our team members and our clients to ensure projects are moving forward smoothly. He compiles spreadsheets, takes conference calls, and utilizes Salesforce for the administration and customization needed to make CS tick.

When asked about his favorite work project, Michael recalls both donning a hard hat to tour the Arizona Electric Power Cooperative’s power plant control room, and having a chance to learn the rich history and customs of the Pascua Yaqui Nation while working with them on their groundbreaking ETC program. “The diversity of CS Design Studios client base means that every new client brings a new chance to experience things you’ve never done or learned about before,” says Michael.

Reflecting on his time at CS Design Studios thus far, Michael admits that walking through the old western streets of Trail Dust Town and entering into the neon lit, Star Wars filled offices of CS Design Studios never gets old. The energy he feels in the office as everyone strives to make progress for clients is contagious and motivating every day. “The knowledge and camaraderie of the team makes me proud to be a part of it.” -- Michael Bright

Jason Dumont

Director of Operations

Meet our Director of Operations!

Jason Dumont is the Director of Operations here at CS Design Studios. Before finding his way to CS, Jason worked in a variety of call centers and for a jewelry-finding distribution company where he managed their website, product listings and Search Engine Optimization.

Growing up, Jason knew he either wanted to be an actor or video game designer. He had the opportunity to take web design courses in high school and upon graduation, began taking computer programming courses at Pima Community College, where he learned the basis for the online programming languages he works with today. He received a certificate in computer programming from Pima Community College and later went back to school at the University of Phoenix to earn an Associate Degree in Web Design.

At a time when Jason was having difficulty finding freelance work, he was encouraged to put out his résumé to local web design companies. CS Design Studios reviewed Jason’s résumé, and the rest was history! Jason has been with CS Design Studios for over 5 years and wears many hats as Director of Operations. He is responsible for the overall success and failure of his team, whom he gives the utmost credit to. “As our Founder says, they don’t work FOR me, they work WITH me,” says Jason, and on top of his managerial responsibilities, Jason also works on programming projects. This means that he works on all of the projects assigned, whether it is front-end programming, responsive programming or content addition. Jason assists our Operations team with any and all aspects of each website project that comes to CS Design Studios.

When asked his favorite part about his job, Jason is quick to highlight his team: “I will freely admit that my position here at CS Design Studios is very challenging, but it is the people employed by the great company that is my absolute favorite part.” Next, he divulges the sense of accomplishment he feels when he is able to fully wrap his head around a difficult programming assignment, and lastly, he swells with pride each time a member of our team does something truly remarkable for a client. “Nothing beats these feelings I get when these things happen.” -- Jason Dumont

Jesse Higgins

Web Developer

Jesse's main focus is on the appearance of all the websites. This includes graphics, coding, animations and more. If you want your website to convert to a sale, a big part of that is their experience when they arrive on the site. They should know where they are and be able to easily go where they want without confusion and frustration. Jesse works with the client and the team to make the site visually pleasing, up to date with modern trends, easy to use, and completely functional. He also is the go-to Graphic Designer when it comes to Logos, letterhead, email signatures, brochures, posters, and billboards.

Connor Bright

Project Manager

Before finding his way to CS Design Studios, Connor worked for a real estate firm, dealing with US Bankruptcy Trustees and Attorneys for three years, negotiating bankruptcy short sales before coming to CS.

At CS Design Studios, Connor started out as a Digital Marketing Data Analyst, and has since expanded his role to include Project Development, Quality Control, and Operations.

In his spare time, Connor enjoys learning languages, reading, and playing the bass, guitar, and piano.

Jordan Bright

Client Liason

Jordan Bright is CS Design Studios’ Google Analyst and Account Manager. With 10+ years of experience as an IT Technician and Network Administrator for Computer Support Systems, Jordan has both the experience and know-how to apply report analytics and procure better results for our clients.

In his spare time, Jordan loves gardening and has a big green thumb. He also handles three pet snakes and has a love for immersive, fantasy video games and novels.

Brandon Calderon


Robert Stiver

Digital Marketing Engineer / Web Developer

As a Google Ads and SEO Specialist, Robert is Google-certified and manages over 40 PPC accounts, including several Google Ad Grants. He has a strong background in SCADA engineering, graphic design and computer animation. When asked about what it is about CS Design that he admires the most, Robert quickly affirms that it’s their undying willingness to go that extra mile in order to exceed customer expectations and to welcome and treat you like family as soon as you walk into their studio.

Robert also acts as customer-relations liaison between Google and our clients to resolve matters in a timely manner, and is fluent in Spanish.

“You can’t put a price on putting a smile on your customers’ and friends’ faces, and the feeling you get from knowing you really made someone’s day lasts a lifetime.” — Robert Stiver

Jodie Chambers

Executive Sales

I love to learn new things, meet new people, solve problems, and find another way. For the last 15 years I've helped businesses either make money, save money or get money back from bad billing.

It's my goal to ask questions, listen, and understand the needs of every business before proposing a solution. Not only to thoroughly execute the solution but to provide continued support by way of billing, changes, and questions.

Some of my biggest achievements have been getting 100k back for Transperfect Remote Interpreting from bad billing and Saving Pima Air and Space Museum 100k from unneeded construction costs.

Ryder Chambers

Graphic Designer & Developer Apprentice

Ryder Chambers is CS Design Studios’ Graphic Designer and Digital Apprentice. Ryder made the move to CS in order to enhance his digital artistry and learn more about web development. He regularly creates graphic art for our clients and hones his skills in WordPress web development, all while maintaining the office to create clean and stable work environment.

Tamasin Baker

Content Writer & Media Talent

Tamasin Baker is CS Design Studios’ Content Creator. Tamasin is a Tucson native, wife, and mom. She attended Colorado State University where she attained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies with a focus in Media. Her skills include writing, social media marketing, acting as on-screen talent and video editing.

Weston Baker

Content Writer

Weston is CS Design Studios’ Content Writer. Weston obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in English from the University of Arizona and is now pursuing his Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Clinical Psychology. Weston utilizes Search Engine Optimization tools to create webpage content that accurately represents the style and tone of our many and diverse clients, keeps online content fresh, and helps to ensure clientele consistently achieve top search-page results.

Jordyn Reinhart

Graphic Designer

With a BFA in Illustration and Design from the University of Arizona. Jordyn’s primary goal is to bring concepts to life with her art. She loves helping others bring their ideas to fruition and upgrade their visuals to the next level.

At CS Design Studios, Jordyn is a graphic designer that helps clients build out their brands in multiple ways, such as wire-framing, web design, logo design, and producing any other graphic elements needed.

In her free time, Jordyn enjoys creating her own artwork, eating good food, and working hard to give her dog the life she deserves.

Caleb Trainor

Drone Pilot

Jennifer Pillow


Jason Sievert

Videographer/Director of Photography

Jennifer Smiley


Chloe Stanton


Chloe Stanton is CS Design Studios’ Photographer and Editor. Before joining the CS team, Chloe worked as a photographer where she received many hours of training and experience. She is a Tucson native who loves people, with a knack for putting smiles on their faces. Ever since she was 6 years old, Chloe loved having a camera in her hands. It's a passion that has stood the test of time, becoming her career- which she enjoys immensely to this day. In her free time, Chloe enjoys hiking, spending time with her senior dog, trying new kinds of coffee, and eating delicious food with friends.

Evan Went


David Taylor

Scottish SEO guy

David Taylor is CS Design Studios’ Scottish SEO guy. David has been a Scottish Man ever since he was 6 years old, after being bitten by a radioactive scottish spider. Before joining the CS team, David worked as a Scotsman throughout his years at many prestigious companies. After spending some time working with him, his colleagues are often found sharing the same opinion, ``Wow, this guy sure is Scottish``. David is a Scotland native from Scotland, with a knack for being Scottish. It's a passion that has stood the test of time. When David catches a break from his Scottish responsibilities, he generally enjoys being Scottish, wearing kilts, drinking Scotch, and hating England.

Bhavleen Singh

Content Writer

Bhavleen is CS Design Studios’ Content Writer. Bhavleen has been working as a Content Writer for 5+ years. He is from India and is one of our first off-site team members. He recently joined our team and is handling all our content requirements for our clients. Using his knowledge of on-page SEO, he always ensures that every piece of content he writes is SEO optimised, which helps our clientele to rank higher on the SERPs. He always uses multiple SEO tools to confirm that the “Content is SEO friendly”.

In his leisure time, Bhavleen enjoys cooking, sharing his thoughts with friends and colleagues and playing drum instruments.

Kayley Maynard

Finance Assistant

Kayley Maynard is Cs Design Studios' Finance Assistant. Before joining the team, she enjoyed working for over 3 years as a Barista at Starbucks, as well as a patient care team member at Southern Arizona Endodontics.
After returning to Tucson from living a short time in San Diego, she helped her husband grow his Pool Maintenance business before joining the Cs Design Studios' team. She loves work involving attention to detail and handles many different aspects of Cs Design's finances, and is currently training to operate our Citation Management as well.
In her spare time, Kayley loves walking with her dog and to practice her Japanese in which she hopes to pass a translator exam next year. She also enjoys dancing, as she has competed internationally as an Irish Dancer for over 12 years.

Angie Jacobs

Matt Fahey

Matt Fahey is a field producer and director of photography with over 20 years experience working in the US and abroad on documentaries and reality television.

Matt is a former Grand Canyon river guide and adventurer who won four Emmys for his work at sea on Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch.

Shane Chambers

Moriah Quintana

Jessica Badowski


See what people are saying about us

Trico Electric Cooperative has used CS Design Studios for its web site and video services for the past five years and I recommend them very highly. They are visionaries when it comes to emerging technologies and trends, yet they are personable and willing to work with us on any challenges that arise. It gives me enormous peace of mind to know that I have the CS Design Studios team in my corner helping me with Trico's web site and online presence. They are simply the best.

Romi Wittman

We have had the pleasure of working with CS Design Studios for some time now and are extremely pleased with their services. We are a large Medical Center in the New York City suburbs and needed support with several projects involving all aspects of the services that CS Design provides and have been happy with each project. Their constant communication with us during projects and their careful follow-up is a hallmark of their professionalism. We highly recommend them.

Nancy Solomon

I can't say enough good thing about the CS Design Studios Team. I've known and worked with them for awhile, and absolutely nowhere else will you find a team that will treat you with the honesty, integrity and devotion as if you were apart of their family. Sky is the limit with what they can and will do. Their facility and capabilities are top notch. Very experienced and you cannot go wrong. From start to finish, their process and strategies are a winner.

Scott BauerNinja Inc.

For over the past year the Pima Air & Space Museum has had the opportunity to work with CS Design Studios and the experience has been fantastic. They have overhauled the museums main website as well as launched a mobile site. Wyatt and team are extremely responsive often going above and beyond - a joy to work with!

Pima Air & Space Museum

Working with CS Design Studios has been such a great experience. Wyatt and Shane have been so helpful. They are collaborative and go above and beyond in helping us improve our web presence and we have the results to prove it! They have become integral team members of our organization.

Kelly Hurtado

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